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Battlefield 1942

19 Mars-Hermann Goering Div


[quote] - THE UNIT, THE UNIFORM, THE SKIN! THE UNIFORM Hermann Göring Divison members were wearing the standard blue/gray uniform of the Luftwaffe personal, mostly open collar tunics. Both
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knee-high boots and ankle boots were part of the outfit, even though, the later was soon the sole version available (except for higher ranks). The ankle boots were worn with or without gaiters, depending on the trousers. CAMO A detail concerning the camo outfits used by HG div: they were equiped with WAFFEN SS camo smock and helmet covers, unlike all the other Luftwaffe related units which were distributed Wehrmacht-patterns camo accessories.That decision (from Summer 1942) was due to the insufficient stock of Heer camo suits at that particular time of the war. The Tarnjackes (camo TUNICS) were gradually replaced by Wehrmacht camo issued bluse, and the same goes for the helmet covers. CUFFTITLE The cufftitle was displayed on the RIGHT lower sleeve, unlike the SS units who wore it on the left arm. RANKS AND PIPING The Hermann Goring Division initially wore white collar patches piped with the various branch-of-service colors and white piping on the shoulder straps. However, this changed as the war progressed. As of January 1943, shoulder straps were piped white and the collar patches were piped as follows: - Grenadier and Guard Regiments–white (with narrow black dividing line); - armor, anti-tank and reconnaissance regiments–pink; - artillery and anti-aircraft–red; - signals–golden brown; - supply–light blue From April 1943, the style was reversed–all collar patches were now to be piped in white and the shoulder straps were to be piped in the branch-of-service color as follows: - Grenadier and Guard regiments–white; - rifle (Jager) regiments–rifle green; - armor–pink; - armored reconnaissance–golden yellow; - artillery and anti-aircraft–red; - engineers–black; supply–light blue; - Field Police–light blue (which changed to orange in June 1943) The final change came in January 1944 when the white collar patches were ordered removed altogether for obscure reasons: officially, they were too flashy, but one can wonder why it took so long ( afew months before the War ended!) before the High Command noticed it... It is presumably because money, time and fabric was cruely missing in those last days. Collar rank (metal wings) was therefore to be attached directly to the collar. HELMET No specific helmet: Luftwaffe blue/gray helmet and decals (even though, from 1942 on, the national tri-colored shield on right side was left blank, i.e: no decal at all. The Luftwaffe eagle remained on the right side). I have been using chicken wire once again for camo devices ;) THE DECORATIONS: - Luftwaffe close combat bar (above left breast pocket) - Luftwaffe Ground Attack medal ( left breast pocket) - Iron cross 1st class (and ribbon) - RANK: Obergefreiter (Corporal) [/quote]

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