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Unreal Tournament 2003

CTF-Idolworship The Return


Well here\'s the map finally finished.I tried to go for a authentic egyptian looking map in it\'s prime and not the hi-tec look! ... I\'m a great believer that maps should be played the way the
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author designed them to be played.So having said that. Here are a couple of things that are ESSENTIAL to the gameplay and smooth running of this map 1. The map being a re-vamp retains the size of the original overly big as it was! So I have introduced kickers which are essential to the gameplay and the speed in which you cover the large distant between flags yet still leave areas for the freelancers to roam .the kickers when fully utilized will get you from flag to flag in under 45 seconds! But a couple of factors have to be inplace for them to work 100%. First this map must be played in low gravity!.. I can already hear the groans! Not only for the kickers to work but also to reach all those nice rocky high spots for those snipers out there.Secondly NO TRanslocator\'s with these implace the bots use these and ignore the kickers and acualy slow down your speed agross the map! The kickers are by far the speedier option and great fun to boot.Not to mention you can commit suicide by standing at a kicker! fire a rocket use the kicker and when you land turn around and watch your own death coming towards you! 2.FRAME RATE.. People who have geforce cards will get a huge drop in fps if they use anisotropy filtering. Please Turn this off! the fps will increase significaly with not too much drop in the visuals quality! a good trade off IMO. If you do have to tweak your ingame setting make sure world detail stays at highest setting.the first time I lowered this and some of the statues disappeared I re-installed the game thinking I had messed up the maps LOL! And lastly the PATHING The map was originaly completely pathed including roof areas and all high rockly plaforms for the bots to snipe and drop down into the red flag room through the hole in the roof but this was creating to mutch of a performance hit on rigs lower than a gf3 so had to remove them.But this does not effect the general play.And I have left some weapons and powerful pick-ups in these areas for online play.One last thing I should mention had to lower the number of max players from 16 to 12 for the sake of smooth gameplay ..8-12 players may seem very low for such a huge map .But with the kickers the map plays much smaller and is always fast and frantic! Sorry for such a long read me I hope you will enjoy this map! As much as I enjoyed making it.. Michael roberson

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