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Age of Mythology

Lord of the Rings ~ The White City (Reviewed)


Great looking map Read the "readme" for the scoop. Also, check out his site and let him give your site a makeover :D But a very nice looking site - Good
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work ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewed by CoolSk8r32 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you haven't downloaded this map, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING!!! I'd call this one of the best maps on the whole AoM fansite network. GREAT JOB!!! This scenario covers the battles of Gondor and mordor, and is challenging and fun. Many quality triggers that and eye candy (not THAT much eye candy) that I could not accomplish myself. Much time and effort was put into this map. Download it. You start out with a base in gondor and in another city in the center of the map, which starts out during an invasion. That city falls and gondor must use its resources to create an army an invade mordor. Many events take place, such as the arriving of the riders of rohan and the journey into mordor to take out a major section of the enemy army at a settlement. Creative, useful, fun, clear, and everything else. Great map overall, Dave Young! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I must continually be amazed by such a wonderful map. What amazes me the most though must be the level of detail and eyecandy. That alone makes the map a mondo 9.4 megabytes large. You start off with a city in the center of the map, numerous farming areas, and the City of Minas Tirith. You use the resources from the cities to create an army to go and invade Mordor. Many events take place such as the arrival of the Riders of Rohan. Although when I went to explore the map, they attacked me for some reason unknown. A round of applause to DaveYoung and his maps. .::.the0thermonkey.::. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I apologize if i seem a little negative, but this isnt a 9.6 scenario. The map design of that city located at the corner of the map seems really detailed, but the other parts of the map arent very good. where is the grass, flowers, rocks, granite rocks along the fields and mountains? I was curious to see everyone so happy about this scenario. not many triggers were involved. no intro cinematics. what this scenario needs the most is more clear objectives, hints, and more background story. You suddenly start in this map with a mission of defending the city. Why are they attacking the city? who are they?. those questions were never answered when i was playing the game. these are some hints: 1). add the effect "Objectives" and add the objectives in there as well, with hints included. 2). make some sort of cinematic intro which mentions the background story of why are these two civilizations are fighting eachother. if you dont know how to make cinematics, simply use the spotlight window located at the objectives window. 3). instead of the camera starting in just anyplace in the map, use the camera object and camera cut effect to have an exact point where the camera will focus The scenario is far too easy! you have infinite resources, 300 of population, and you already have armies which makes the population over 500+. i didnt even had to bother to create more army. the army which i had from the beginning was enough to kill all the enemies. There were also some villagers located in really tight places which couldnt get out. i had to delete some buildings in order to take them out. there were other villagers that were just stuck in places like mountains, which at the end, just caused a waste in population. The enemy AI you assigned to player 2 is useless. it doesnt do anything at all. The scenario is basicly "Kill all player 2 units", which really, it isnt much fun. there are some things to realize. you forgot to disable "Omnience". with the amount of infinite gold, i was able to get omnience with no problem and located my enemies and kill them. the thing that annoyed me was that if all players 2 units are not dead, then i will not win the game, unless the AI sends a message of surrending. also, when the game ends, there is actually no conclusion. the enemies are dead, but what happens? hints: 1). come up with real objectives other than killing units 2). make it more challenging by adding surprice attack to the city 3). disable omnience and the titan gate at: player data/forbitten units 4). sometimes looping music will not sound so well. oh, and talking about music, i put the sound file in the sounds folder but it didnt work. 5). when you want to play a music file, use the effect "Music File Name". you can also use Music Play to make the average culture music play. 6). instead of changing the reinforcements(like the army of when the king returns army from one player to another, use cinematic blocks and use the effect change unit type(from cinematic block to unit) 7). make the enemy more active. most of the time player 2 units just stand there. move them around the map. another problem i encounter was some lag due to the amount of units used. oh, there was also an army of player 2 located and the opposite corner of the white city, which never moved during the game. FINAL COMMENTS: It is an scenario with basic triggers, an average in map design, but not an scenario which can meet the standards of achieving a 9.6. none the less, good job. dont take my comments in the negative way, they are just hints to help you out in the future My rating: 4 REVIEWER: AURON_2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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