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Battlefield 1942



[quote] The DAS REICH file was put together based on historical graphic accounts. In the current version: A) TAN / SAND FELD BLUSE - DARK YELLOW TROUSERS. The DAK uniforms included
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a WIDE variety of tunics, shirts, knickers in an even wider range of tints! The tunics were either olive-drab/grey (yet, NOT feldgrau) dark yellow, or tan / beige. On some wartime color pictures (like the one included in my \"DAK Documents.jpg\" file) one can notice that there are barely two identical uniforms!!! So, for camo/tactical reasons, I decided to go for a \"sand\" colored bluse. It is by far a wiser choice than EA/DICE incredible \"fluo\" green tunic (it is. IMHO, their WORST uniform ever, by the way!) My tunic is featuring FLAT pockets, 1 1/2 the size of regular pockets. Dark yellow trousers were definitely a standard (if not the sole, at least, the main) and there was no hesitation in picking up that color (EVEN EA knew that *lol*). I\'ve working a lot with brightness contrast effect (and 45 minutes with Photoshop\'s airbrushes!) to get them a baggy look. B) OPEN COLLAR TUNIC A standard for the Afrika Korp, the Luftwaffe infantery and some of the troops based in Italy. EA\'s automatic features were bypassed by transforming the usual TUNIC collar into a SHIRT collar, with satisfying results.(just like I did with my DAS REICH late war Uniform V 1.0) C) KNEE HIGH LACED BOOTS SPECIFIC to the DAK, it existed in a ankle boot version. Made from both red-brown leather AND canvas. D) HOBNAILS (heels) Another (NOW) standard in my production. E) COLLAR PATCHES & SOULDER BOARDS OBERFELDWEBEL= Master sergeant F) DAK CUFFTITLE Standard, even though there were MANY versions to choose from. That one is one of the earliest & most famous. G) CHICKEN WIRE HELMET COVER (scouts) Our snipers now look great with a newly added REALISTIC chicken wire (!!!) \"net\". I doubt, however, that EA\'s idea of generating leafs as a desert camo is a good one : if you see a bush (or BUSH...) moving in the middle of a desert S-H-O-O-T !!!!*lol* I) MEDALS & DECORATIONS a) Spanienkreuz: Our storm trooper is a veteran of the Spanish civil War, presumably from the former \"Legion Condor\" - worn on the right breats pocket. b) Spanish Civil War wounded medal : lower left breast pocket c) Iron cross first class - left breast pocket (and ribbon) e) Ribbon bar: North African Front (obvious!) - above left breast pocket f) DAK version of the national emblem (eagle) light blue thread on a orange/brown outline - over the right breast pocket k) Dark yellow (painted) \"Gott mitt uns\" Whermacht belt buckle J) LEATHER SUSPENDERS Olive or dark yellow canvas suspenders and belt were a common but non exclusive feature of the DAK equipment. IF NO BROWN LEATHER suspenders were issued, brown leather belts were distributed randomly in North Afrika. However, the regular black leather suspenders and belt were widely used and there as shown on many wartime photographs. For a matter of “artistic” contrast and aesthetic color balance, I’ve decided to keep the regular black equipment, minus the usual aluminum / feldgrau (late war) buckle and to replace it with the official “Gott mitt un” buckle spayed in dark yellow (or flat olive drab in some cases). NOTE: EA\'s ORIGINAL MODELS do NOT allow us to provide an ACCURATE depiction of the following elements: - Any Sniper,flag bearer, specialty badges etc... should be displayed on the LEFT sleeve any attempt to use such badges in BF1942 resulted in a ridiculously over-charged model since the badges appear on BOTH arms. The idea (a great one) was the dropped... AQUILA[/quote]

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