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Battlefield 1942



[quote] WHAT ABOUT THE SS WHITE SMOCK CAMO FILE ___________________________________________ A) THE WHITE SMOCK I already told you all about the reasons that led to the design of the first
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cold weather field uniform (see\"SS HEAVY WINTER SUIT SKIN\" at ) The heavy parka and paddy trousers were created for two main purposes: 1- To protect Eastern Front troopers against one of the worst ennemy encountered by all the invaders who attempted to conquer Russia, from the Teutonic knights to Napoleon\'s \"grognards\": Cold and windy russian Winter. 2- To accomodate the soldiers by making their silhouette a little more discreet: Winter camouflage. Needles to say, feldgrau on white snow was kind of contrasting, and the Russians took advantage of the situation more than once. The first winter camo smocks were in fact no smock at all! A white pillow case or a blanket would fill the blank by providing a primitive but effective solution to most german soldiers\'problems. Pictures of infantery and artillery men wearing such hideous but handy outfits over issued great coats can be found in both books and across the WWW. But Winter was not an ennemy of an equal importance on other Fronts:in Western Europe, cold weather was not as bity as it was in Russia. Even more, German government was not interested in investing too much time and money in producing costy Winter outfits (well, the Parkas were not even widely distributed among the troops who needed them the most!) A clever and cheap solution was found: Reversible smocks. Camo smock with foliage pattern on one side (usually autumn - for season convenience ) were left white on the flip side. German troops (mainly SS) used it thtoughout 1942 - 1945. Most of the white camouflage devices used during the Battle of the Bulge (and in the following weeks) were either official or custom made smocks. B) GAITERS AND ANKLE BOOTS A Czeck once told me: \"When the Germans invaded our country, even their privates and corporals were dressing better than our generals: long black boots, fashionable tunics, ... then, few years later, we saw them sending back new teenage soldiers wearing low ankle boots, gaiters and short olive-drab tunics: we were convinced from that moment that War would end soon\". He was so right! With the Allies now daily bombing and the increasing rate of major defeats, Hitler\'s staff was running low on EVERY resources, including even leather and fabric. The long black boots were gradually replaced by ankle boot and gaiters. The M44 tunic came in existence around the same time. That feldbluse was directly inspired by the british battledress and shows a dramatic change in German uniform tradition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY VERSION OF THE WHITE SMOCK for BATTLEFIELD 1942 __________________________________________________ A) White smock Basically a camo smock, laced up on the chest, with no buttons, except for the to lower pocket flaps. I\'ve decide to \"open\" the top a bit so we can get a glimpse of the Feldgrau tunic. B) Ankle boots & gaiters The ankle boots (with laces) are replacing the regular jackboots to depict the changes that took place within the German army during the post D-Day era. Assorted gaiters with correct buckles were also consequently added. C) Hobnails We now have an accurate look for our troopers, from head to..the heels! D) SS RUNES I finally decided to replace the good lokking DAS REICH rune with original SS runes: as suggested by Jingo, The 1st and the 3rd SS divisions (LAH & Totenkofp) as well as the foreign SS volunteers (like the Wiking division, the Prinz Eugen divison, the Charlemagne division etc...) wore specific collar patches. As I WAS NOT able to locate any PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of an equivalent use of it\'s own rune by the Das Reich Division, I\'ve decided to replace it. I will back off if any of you guys find the proof I\'ve been looking for, otherwise... E) GERMAN RED CROSS - NEWS! As I located the correct shields for the medic stahlhelm I suddenly faced a dilemma: wich side to choose? The Eagle shield looked great, but the RED CROSS on it was rather discreet... On the other hand, the RED CROSS shield with a swastika in the center was a little dull... Let\'s face it: all SS skins designers (including myself) almost automatically choose to display the SS shield rather than it\'s opposite (swastika). The same goes for the Whermacht soldiers who, 9 times out of 10, are featuring the EAGLE SHIELD (instead of the national black-white-red decal). This time, I took the liberty to mix both sides to create a shield that shows both the Red Cross and the Eagle... I\'m sticking to that solution unless you fellows ask me not to do so. F) WHITE HELMET COVER (scout) A brand new, realistic. white cloth helmet cover for all snipers out there! Complete with clipping and helmet showing.[/quote]

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