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BF 1942 Mod Collection RtR 1.3


[quote]BF 1942 Mod Collection RtR 1.3 This Addon requires the Road to Rome Expansion by EA/DICE. It will NOT work with the default BF1942 game. I\'ve compiled some of my older minimods and a
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few selected goodies by others to make BF42 1.3 Road to Rome even more fun to play. Basically, if you know my Mod Collection 1.2, the new Mod Collection RtR will add the six RtR maps plus RtR vehicles to old maps and \"old\" vehicles to RtR maps. RtR maps got additional object spawn points. Most of the vehicles have been edited/modded (like extra gunner position for the Mosquito, see details below), some new vehicles added (like the Axis supply truck with smoke dischargers, see details below). My SpecOps maps and Gazala Addon (V1.2) have been adapted. Install this .exe file to your BF 42 Game folder (\"Battlefield 1942\") and run the game. The folder \"CollectionRtR\" should appear in your \"Mods\" folder. Select this \"Mod\" in the Custom Game menu (\"Mod_Collection_RtR\") and thereafter choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer. _______________________________________ This collection contains: _______________________________________ My Vehicles: New Axis Supply Truck - carries ammo and medical supplies; static missile launchers for AT (Bazooka) rockets and smoke dischargers. Use the smoke missiles for infantry support (attacking bunkers, tanks etc.), smoke will remain for two minutes or so. Primary and secondary weapons (driver). Aiming and hitting a target is very difficult. No armor. Axis Mobile Missile Launcher Truck (captured Katyusha with three layers of rockets). Axis AA Truck: Based on Colonel Slaine\'s AA truck, I added a Quad AA gun (four Flak 38) - modified Blitzer\'s Flakvierling. Every stationary AA gun (Axis) spawns this truck, the position may not be perfect on all maps. You don\'t *have* to use it ;-) Hanomag AT 75: My APC with Panzer IV main gun and small turret. With skins. Top hatch to be opened using arrow up/down keys (gunner position). Sturmgeschutz: Main gun can fire smoke/AT projectiles (original Panzerschreck type) as secondary weapon (right click). Two additional seats outside in the back (AI supported). Armor/ammo/physics edited. Tiger: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch and Tower hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Panzer IV: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Panzer IVG: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Main gun model (Tiger) originally replaced by DaCrapper (V1.0). M3Grant: Main gun can fire smoke/AT projectiles (original Bazooka type) as secondary weapon (right click). Armor/ammo/physics edited. Allies Halftrack w/ smoke discharger: Artillery cannon in the back fires Bazooka missiles w/ smoke effect. All doors can be opened (arrow up/down keys) by the driver. Rear door mechanism by Blarno. M3GMC: Rear MG replaced (Dual Browning). Front doors can be opened (arrow up/down keys) by the driver. Rear door in fixed position (due to the MG). Main gun improved and ammo increased. M3A1 Ambulance: Provides ammo and heals within 10 m radius, rear seats had to go. Beds in the back cannot be used by players. All doors can be opened (arrow up/down keys) by the driver. Rear door mechanism by Blarno. Dual Browning MG. Sherman: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Sherman Firefly: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Main gun model (Tiger) originally replaced by DaCrapper (V1.0). M10: Armor/ammo/physics edited. M11-39: Armor/ammo/physics edited. T34: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch and Tower hatches to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). T34-85: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Wespe: Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Japanese Chi-Ha: Carries a crew of three now, additional position has a static (fixed) MG in the front hull. Faster, main gun more powerful. NOTE: This tank, with British desert camo, will also appear on some desert maps as an additional Allied support tank. I edited various tank weapons, ammo supplies, speed, physics, rate of fire, velocity and so on. Too many changes to be listed here. Willy has four seats plus twin Browning (Feed mod, edited), Kubelwagen three seats w/ MG42. Both jeeps have 4 wheel drive and reworked wheelbase. My Planes with missiles: Bf 109, Mustang, Spitfire and Corsair have rockets. No bombs. The Bf 109 fires Skyhawk missiles (model made by Hawkeye -> G.I. Joe mod) from small rocket holders under each wing. Meant as AA missiles against level bombers. I added guns/cannons (Bf 109 nose cannon by Plattmaker) and useless moveable parts. Fixed the Bf 109 landing gear bug. My default Stuka has 4 regular MGs plus 2 external twin MGs under the wings. And bombs. Mustang: 6 MGs (wings), missiles instead of bombs. Yak, AichiVal remain untouched. Tangabugler\'s Kanonenvogel StukaG (converted to 1.3) added to certain maps. Features two 3.7 cm AT cannons under the wings. Japanese Zero: Additional nose guns activated. B-17: Bomb load heavily increased for massive carpet bombing. Mosquito: Four nose MGs plus additional gunner position (front) for carpet bombing. Bomb load increased. Pilot still has his \"own\" bombs - for single missions. Bf 110: Four 2 cm nose cannons, bomb load increased. Rear gunner gets dual MG. Speed, acceleration and ammo edited for most planes. _______________________________________ Weapons: Soldier kits edited. All British medics now have the Sten SMG (Africa). Axis engineer has the MP 40 and Binoculars, medic has the German MP 18 (taken from the Japanese medic). Numerous other tweaks (ammo, # of mags/grenades, rate of fire, effects ....) implemented for the SpecOps maps to represent higher skills, training levels and quality of the equipment of those troops - will be in effect on all maps now. Bazooka/Panzerschreck: In order to make the AT class more effective as a support unit, the AT missiles now have smoke effects (like smoke grenades). To be used against infantry targets, tanks or bunkers. They still can kill a tank ;-) SW-14 and Lobo donated their original M1 Garand for the Allied engineers. Stationary AT guns: Will spawn with every stationary AA gun, position may not be perfect on all maps, consider it a gift ;-) Axis AA Truck / M3GMC: Will also spawn with every stationary AA gun. It\'s automatic, wherever a AA gun spawns it comes with a vehicle plus a AT gun. _______________________________________ Textures: My skins for Bf 109 (chrome/shiny), MP 40 (chrome), Stuka, Bf 110, Mosquito, Mustang and many land vehicles (mainly alpha channel editing, added decals and weathering). Golden Wrench skin for all engineers (by Azag-Toth) Tangabugler polished my custom in-game vehicle icons for the Katyusha and the Hanomag. Thanks also for Beta testing (V 1.2). _______________________________________ Maps (all maps have AI support - SP and Co-Op mode): Two additional modified default maps: Bocage_MOD: Allies have the B-17 (in SP), the Mosquito, Mustang and Spitfire. Almost the entire Allied vehicle setup can be found here. Grant, M10, Sherman, Firefly, all APCs ... Axis have additional tank types (Tiger, Sturmgeschutz, P IV, P IVG, Flakpanzer, M11-39), all trucks, Hanomag AT75, Bf110, Bf 109, Stuka, StukaG; El_Alamein_MultiTank_MOD: Orignally DaCrappers famous first tank mod map, based on Afrika Tank Battle. Now it\'s the map that features almost every vehicle/plane that has been added to the game. Terrain / heightmap and spawn points edited. Three SpecOps maps with paratroopers (replacing the default maps with identical names): 1. Tobruk: All vehicles and stationary weapons removed. It\'s a 100% infantry map. German Fallschirmjager and British SAS have been sent as reinforcements for the regular troops. Germans land behind enemy lines. 2. Battleaxe: No. of vehicles reduced. British paratroopers will be dropped behind enemy lines, target: The German airfield. 3. Bocage: US paratroopers try to attack the Germans from behind. Note: Allies got only one spawn point, so you will be randomly sent to the Allied HQ or dropped as a paratrooper. I\'ve included the SpecOps Addon Readme (Version 1.2) in this package for further details (gameplay, spawnpoints). I hope most of the stuff is not outdated, there were not many changes. Gazala: Planes (even the B-17 in SP) on the free airfield in the North. Greater choice of vehicle/planes for both sides (Grant, Sturmgeschutz and many others). Other maps: Generally, I\'ve replaced some vehicles with others and/or added some spawn points. _______________________________________ General Info: External soldier view included, Blood FX included; bodies of killed soldiers will remain on the battlefield for a some time. When playing the default maps, most of the changes are still activated. Flak gun spawns a AA Truck, Bf 109 has rockets, Tiger, Panzer IV, M10 and others have new skins and so on. If you wish to return to the original game, choose \"Custom Game -> bf 1942\" in the menu. KNOWN ISSUES: In RtR, Engineers now have a Bayonett instead of a knife. I kept the new weapon in the game although \"my\" engineers have different main weapons (M1 Garand or MP 40). So, if the Allied engineer switches from his Garand to Bayonett, he will hold the No4 rifle with Bayonett in his hands (German: K98 Bayonett instead of MP 40). Live with it ;-) As mentioned before, the additional AT guns will spawn in front of the AA guns, this may look weird/unrealistic in certain cases - but it was the easiest way to get the new weapon into the game (on \"old\" maps). Multiplayer mode was tested on Dice Dedicated Server (Windows). Great thanks to Moseley and Rexman for their modding tools which made modding possible. And to the forum members & Beta testers. Have fun, Recruit Snyder [/quote]

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