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Battlefield 1942

2nd SS panzerDivision skins


[quote]First of all, thanks to Killah for his inspiring work: for my first attempt at \"skinning\", I used his \"Waffen SS unit\" available at:
Show All The DAS REICH file was put together based on historical graphic accounts. In the current version the following has been modified: - FELDGRAU color has been adjusted to be more accurate. - THE FOLLOWING BADGES WERE ADDED (and are correctly displayed): a) Close combat bar - above left breast pocket b) General assault badge - left breast pocket c) Iron cross first class - left breast pocket d) German cross (cloth; field version) - right breast pocket e) Ribbon bar: Iron cross 1939, Winter Eastern front, West wall medal - Below close combat bar f) Improved (detailed) SS aluminium belt buckle g) Alternate (detailed) SS sleeve eagle h) Corrected shoulder tabs (upside down in other skins!!!) SS Scharfuhrer (Staff sergeant) i) Late war feldgrau collar (very few uniform with dark green or black collar were still in use from 1943 to 1945) j) Feldgrau tinted tunic buttons k) DAS Reich cufftitle l) EVERY skin designer, to this day, left the WHERMACHT chest eagle on their SS skins. In fact, SS wore a specific BLACK and GREY eagle on their LEFT ARM ONLY. In the actual version, Whermacht green and grey \"national eagle\"was therefore removed. m) To my personal knowledge, there is no wartime photographic evidence of the divisional Rune being worn on the RIGHT collar patch (sorry lads, EA BF1942 models do not allow us to use different collar patches for each side! Let\'s hope it will be corrected in next versions!) However, it theorically existed, as divisional runes were regularly replacing the SS runes on collar patches (LAH, Wiking, Nordland etc...), I decided to use the graphically interesting DAS REICH rune, wich IMHO gives very good results. NOTE: EA\'s ORIGINAL MODELS do NOT allow us to provide an ACCURATE depiction of the following elements: - BOTH sleeve eagle AND cufftitle is supposed to be displayed on the LEFT arm only. - In the SS units, the right collar patch bears the SS or the Divisional RUNE(s) while the left collar patch indicates the rank. - Any Sniper,flag bearer, specialty badges etc... should be displayed on the LEFT sleeve any attempt to use such badges in BF1942 resulted in a ridiculously over-charged model since the badges appear on BOTH arms. The idea (a great one) was the dropped... - I am looking for a \"wool\" texture for the tunic and trousers. A fine sandstone effect in Photoshop looked great on the DDS layer, but resulted in a bumpy and shady uniform when tested in the game. Any help or suggestion (or filter!) would be appreciated. I WILL DO MY BEST TO EDIT VEHICLES (Tiger, Panzer IV, Kubelwagen) with the approprite tactical and divisonal marks in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience and support! AQUILA [/quote]

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