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Return To Castle Wolfenstein



"The Allies have been informed by the French Resistance that a regiment of Axis located in the French town of Rennes have top secret documents hidden in the church. The Allies are to gain control of
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these papers and transmit the details via the secret radio in the pub. The Axis must stop the Allies from taking the documents and transmitting the documents." Wonderful map. This map is based in a French town that has been destroyed by the Axis. It looks like its either been raided or bombed because their is rubble all over the place. The Allies need to get the Axis Secret plans and transmit them. The secret plans are located in the church across from the initial Allied spawn. The Axis have to defend and hold off the Allies until the time runs out. The Allies can hasten their victory if they destroy the Sewer Gate or the Church Side gate with dyno. The Axis must thus guard the sewer and the Church as well as possible. The Allies start out on the south end of the map and have to travel threw a destroyed city to a bridge. When they get to the bridge they can either jump into the water and destroy the sewer grate to go into the sewer area (a fully submerged pipeline) and then swim until they make it to a fan room and finally to the basement area of the church. Or the allies can cross the bridge and continue on in the city and attacking the church from the front. The above ground way is more hazardous because you must pass the Axis spawn to get to the church. The sewer way is not as haradous but the access ladder to the church is a killer. The Church is a one room church with a small hallway leading to the church side access door which needs to be blown with the dynomite. The sewer access is inside the main church room. When going into the sewer as allies, you do not need to be an engineer to advance to the church area. Their is a small vent that goes past the sewer gate but it is a deathtrap if any axis are on the other side. It also hastens your attack if you destroy the gate. After the allies get into the church they must steal the secret plans. The secret plans are located in the main church room on the table infront of the pews. The Church is nicely designed and has some cool looking stained glass windows in it. The church is a gothic design and looks really cool from the inside and out. After the allies steal the objective they have 3 options. One is to down into the sewer, anouther is to take the side door (if blown) to the church yard, and the other is to take the main door to the church yard. The last 2 ways are more dangerous because you will be attacked by alot of Axis that spawn right beside the path that you need to travel so the sewer access is the best way to go. Then after you choose your path you must head back to the spawn and transmit the secret plans. Some cool and unique things in the map besides its dawn time set and its bombarded town look is the plane that crashed in the water, the underwater plants, and the multiple houses that you can go in. Near the allied spawn their are multiple houses with multiple stories. You can shoot out the windows even though they don't have the best locations they can still help alot. When traveling over the initial bridge you start finding more and more buildings that have multiple stories but are destroyed. You can still go up but it is not as easy, and i think its worth it because the location is more strategic and your range of attack is much greater as all the walls are blown away. Some tips and tricks on the map are to use the destroyed town as an advantage. When you are going to attack, try to hide by the rubble or stay close to the sides of the street just incase you are outnumbered so you can retreat into the alleyways or the destroyed buildings. Also, when in the sewer, you should throw a grenade threw the Sewer Gate aiming at the vent so you can destroy the exit to the vent and reduce the risk of dying and the risk of blowing yourself up. Also, when going up the ladder to the church access area, if your an lt, use your airstrike to break the grate. If you use that you will save your nade and reduce the risk of killing yourself. The map is probably ment for 14-20 people, but i could see it with more. It has a good story behind it, great textures, unique and strategic design, and flawless mapping. This map is just as good as the stock maps, it has the design and has no seeable bugs (none i have seen). Good job eyeronik, you are a very good mapper and show some veteran mapping skills. Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior- Following along similar lines to Menzel's "Normandy Breakout" The Allies and Axis are once again fighting in a French town. A great effort and worth the download,the bridge intown is really nice in design and has an authentic European look! The sewer exit that may be used has one bad catch..well bad if your on the Allies, after exiting the water and getting up the steps..a documents runner will be on the axis side of the bridge, a nice feature to give the axis a balance on sewer rat runners. Also a map credits "Easter Egg" is hidden on the map, of course being in spectator mode is the best way to find it. Det Pak

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