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Battlefield 1942

Luftwaffe Winter Skins


[quote]Thanks for downloading our little winter pack for the Luftwaffe. This pack contains two skins for both the Junkers Ju 87 and the Messerschmidt BF 109. You will find detailed installation
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instructions below. Junkers JU87 Stuka: The first production version of the Junkers Ju 87 was delivered in 1937. It was developed as a ground attack bomber and in this role it was the most succesfull design of it\'s time. Some machines were sent to Spain during the civil war of 1937 in order to test the newly designed bombing sight and dive breaks. After some modifications the Junkers Ju 87 saw action in large numbers and during the attacks on Poland and western Europe the Luftwaffe assigned the Stuka the role of supporting the ground attack which it performed outstandingly. It would perform this role until late 1943 when most Stukas were replaced by special ground attack versions of the Focke Wulf 190. The Junkers Ju 87 was given the nickname Stuka short for \"Sturzkampfflugzeug\" , that means divebomber in English. The Stuka was most notorious for the shrieking noise it produced when going into a dive attack, this sound was produced by sirens fitted under the airplane but is unfortunately not incorporated in the game. The weaknesses of the aircraft were painfully exposed during the Battle of Britain when they were easy meat for Spitfires and Hurricanes. The Stuka was not capable of defending itself due to its sluggishness, slow speed and lack of manoeuvrability. The tail gunner in the back of the cockpit was not of much use in reality (which is a different matter in the game...). The most famous Stuka pilot is Hans-Ulrich Rudel who flew the machine until the end of the war. He was shot down 30 times but had over 300 tank kills to his name by the end of the war. He flew the special tank-buster version of the Stuka armed with 2 fast firing 37mm cannon under the wings. Messerschmidt BF109: The most prolific of all Luftwaffe fighters of the period, the Me 109 was designed by Willi Messerschmidt in 1935. After having proven its mettle in Spain and Poland, the 109 E (nicknamed Emil) first saw massive aerial action during the Battle of Britain, where it proved a dangerous opponent. Slowly outclassed by newer models of Allied and Axis fighters, earlier models of the 109 series were slowly phased out as aerial superiority fighters. Later developments in the series put the aircraft in roles ranging from aerial reconnaissance to high-altitude bomber interception. A testimony to the versatility of its design. [/quote]

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