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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

MML Headshot


"This map is designed purely for people to test and enhance their close combat skills. Hence the level has no objectives or time limit. It was also designed mainly for practice with the headshot mod.
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Certainly some weapons as standard would not allow for balanced play in such a small area (panzer mainly, but 1 on 1s with panzers are never a good idea!). It has various options for changing the layout of the arena. Levers located near the spawn points can be used to raise and lower walls, floors, boxes and grates in any combination. Players get ready for the duel by dropping into the start pits. Lights indicate whether start pits have people in them - green indicates people waiting, red shows the start pit is empty for that team. Press the 'duel' button to begin the duel. A duel CAN ONLY BEGIN when both start pits have people in them - indicated by green lights for both Axis and Allies. The arena doors ONLY RESET WHEN THE ARENA FLOOR IS EMPTY. This means remaining players must suicide to get out (typing /kill in console is simplest manner). When the arena is empty, people can start getting in the pit. This is not a bug, it's a feature - duelling is intended for people with full health. Suiciding is the quickest means of recharging a player to maximum health / ammo. A knock-on effect is that the server should NOT kick players for low negative scores!" This map is a great map. If you like to duel, i know i do, then you will love this map. Each person has a selection of four levers. The levers are floor, walls, boxes, and grates. The floor lever raises certian sections of the arena to block of areas. The wall lever raises walls in certain areas making for more of close combat dueling. The boxes lever raises boxes, which provide cover and obsticales in battle. The grates lever raises grated walls, which can be seen threw. Each player has to iniciate the duel by jumping into a pit with 2 doors (like gladiatior style stuff) and then press a duel button. The duel will start when both buttons are pressed. You can't shoot into the arena unless you are in the arena. You can't throw grenades or shoot over the arena to the other side. Its a flawless map and it is the greatest training map thus far in my opinion. To restart the duel you have to kill yourself by typing /kill in console. You do not have to use all the levers, you can have a mixture of boxes and grates, or just grates, or all of them, or whatever you want. Its a great map, i am going to try it out and duel someone in it asap. Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-

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