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Age of Mythology

Battle for Helm's Deep (Reviewed)


Your mission is to defend Helm's Deep until you are strong enough to take on the "Two Towers". You ultimately destroy Sarumon and Sauron's towers to win the game. There are a few specially triggered
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events that can alter the outcome of the battle. There are at least two super secrets that can only be triggered by a specific hero unit. You have limited balistas so use them wisely. You also have food generators that produce new animals for food every so often. Planning on defending Helm's Deep until the enemies run out of resources? Well that won't happen. Aside from the regular resources around them, they both get resources at a regular rate. Also there is a time limit to win the game. The limit is 7 Days which is just over 2 hours of game play. This is plenty of time so you don't have to rush to win, but ultimately there is a limit. There's a day/night lighting cycle and mother nature influences as you do battle with the two towers. This game does not follow the Hobbits quest and it's not an accurate recreation of Helm's Deep, just an inspired one. This Scenario was designed to be played on moderate difficulty level. Other levels have not been tested. ----------reviewed by shimano55---------- This is a very well made map. The map is very well designed and Helms Deep looks very much like it looked in the movie. be forwarned, this is a very difficult scenario to win. Evan with the large group of reinforcements that you recieve the enemy forces are very large and hard to defeat. The map looks very real with well used eyecandy and ambient objects. Even though this is a very difficult map, I recommend it to ALL downloaders. I played it once and I was awstruck. The details were amazing. Right down to the battlefield. This is a very good download. A must for all LOTR lovers. The map used quite a few triggers that I myself have never heard of or used for that matter. The map was very difficult to play as the enemy kept coming back and also, as I discovered, had a timelimit set to it. Approximately 7 days which is somthing close to aroun 2 hours. I reccomend it to all avid LOTR fans. .::.the0thermonkey.::.

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