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Return To Castle Wolfenstein



December 1944: The Allies are pushing through France towards Germany. Hitler's counterattack on the Allied offensive is to bring in the "Panzer" tiger tanks. The Allies are wanting to strangle the
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counter-offensive by cutting off the fuel supply lines to the panzer units from the Axis' hidden fuel depots. The Allies have discovered a base with the depot locations and destination routes. Your mission is to get in, steal the documents and transmit from the Axis radio located near the base. The weather is at it's worst and the cold is extreme, but you must succeed at all costs... and avoid the Frostbite! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After recieving an early beta of Frostbite,I sent an E mail to Moonkey asking if he wanted to get some help on adding some sound effects into this map? After a reply of yes,I loaded back up the map and gave it a good run thru. After my initial tour I was sure that Frostbite was heavily inspired by the official map mp_Ice. The Allies start off inside the huts down below the axis base,having 2 routes to take,the first..and most direct is a straight into the teeth frontal attack,a ladder leading up to the second floor and straight into the flag capture is there,or the allies can blow a door on the first floor below and gain access.The second route is going around the hill and having to blast thru the wall's main door,but caution will be needed here,the Axis can hop the wall and defuse the dynamite! Once inside a nice mapping layout by Moonkey is in store,the map is 2 levels with multiple routes to the back of the base,this where the axis have left the fueling routes.{The allied objective} The defending team can either fall back to defend the documents or go into a counter offensive by letting the allied team get why should they do this? Well the flag capture point is at the front end of the base,the axis can fall back recapture the base,once the base is taken,they can now either cut off the allied run for the radio transmitter or once again leave the base and really dig in at the radio tower outside the base.With no tunnels or sewer exits,the Allied forces must now backtrack to the transmitter. Frostbite is perfect for a 10 vs 10 players per team match,while not a huge map Moonkey has utilized every inch of space to it's fullest advantage,and broken up the levels with tight garage tunnels below leading into a mid base open area,and also upstairs he's added long hallways and catwalks over the garage floor below. Mp_Frostbite will remind you of Ice in it's objective and playability,but it also has it's own twists and turns! The map has really nice framerates and should perform well on most pc's I hope you enjoy the sounds I've added to the map,virtually all of them will be new for a RtCW map. The Alarm is a nice breakaway from the standard your used to hearing when a gate is blown.The {Assault sp level map} for example. and listen closely to the radio broadcast in the's the beloved Furher motivating the Axis forces to keep fighting on!! authentic WW2 German music is on the record player and a new background battlefield soundtrack should get your GI blood going. reviewed by Det Pak

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