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Karate Master


Disappointed over the lack of melee character skins, some people out there decided to take action. The author of this file is the first of these people. Sadly, this kind of falls short of the quality
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standards we tend to expect, but that\'s not to say it\'s inherently bad. Well, as you\'d guessed, the skin is a reskin of the Jedi model intended to be a karate instructor. It\'s pretty much what you\'d expect, the outfit is a typical karate outfit. The logos on the arms are a flag for some country, but I forget which one; sorry, I can\'t remember *every* flag out there. =/ Critical points I\'d like to raise start with the flat coloration. Yep, it\'s flat colors, with very little (if any) texturing. Sure, maybe it\'s not for sure that people would notice in-game, but those with higher settings definitely would at mid-range, and it kind of spoils the overall product knowing that it\'s basically a dude with layers of paintbucket slapped on. :o Another point is the flow between the textures. You can visibly see where different texture components seam up against each other, and that again detracts from the overall quality. Next point - many unnecessary files are included in here. The [b]entire[/b] contents of the Jedi model folder are included, rather than just the modified files. This is something which shouldn\'t have been done - it just boosts filesize unnecessarily, making it harder for those with slower connections to download the file. Always, always clear out any unnecessary files from your mod\'s assets before releasing your work. The final thing I\'d like to criticise is the overall brightness of the skin. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Real clothing wouldn\'t be at the extreme ends of the spectrum, it\'s not shiny and certainly not made of reflective spandex. Chrome plating is shiny, but cotton is not. In future, try and consider realism for your products as well - maybe it doesn\'t *always* matter too much for the overall quality, but it certainly helps you refine your technique, and the more practice/experience you get, the better. Overall, it\'s a decent idea, but the skin sadly isn\'t up to par. It just needs more work, that\'s all, and the author should certainly practice hard and refine their abilities. Gaara2450 is already showing promise in the fact that he didn\'t just \"wing it\". He went in knowing what he wanted to create, and focused on accomplishing that result rather than trying to accomplish everything in one uber-file, which is a mistake made by far too many newer (and even experienced) modders. While this skin could use more work, it\'s still good enough to be usable, so if you want something of this type, give it a download. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No [b]Team Colors:[/b] No

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