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Imperial Generator Access


*sitting at his throne, listening to his MP3 player* -_,- -=The review crew appears out of random=- -_O BAH =_= imbeciles, it's impolite to barge into the throne room in such a manner =_=+
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Regardless....ahem A fiendish author had submitted a piece of work to my personal email recepticle for reviewing. Upon reviewing, I noticed this map looked strangely like MY generator room, but perhaps not as....well =_= if I said anymore you blasted masses would attempt to take me down =_O+. This duel map is small in its own right, but spacious enough to actually have some real battles. As the author stated, it has a Vjun theme to it, so you can tell it'll be malevolent. In fact, it IS quite malevolent. The most amusing thing is the author's including of what I assume to be a power node of sorts. If one jumps up higher towards it, your screen starts to flash with the pulsing of the node's energy. Most impressive on your part. Overall, there's nothing displeasing about the map's architecture and lighting. Just the accursed sealed doors that I hate so much =_O+ The biggest letdown to this map would possibly be the ambience. It just does not FEEL like a generator room. One would expect more busy pulsings, hummings, and what not. While there is the sound of the power node at work, that's about it. After that it seems pretty dead quiet if you turn the music off. The music did not fit a battle ambience either, seeing as this was intended for the duel gametype. It seems more like a pre-battle confrontation scene theme. Like the time I was forced to face my father Arieknas in a mage duel so as to take over his throne..yes..quite a chilling time that was............SILENCE! Overall, it's not bad visually. I would just suggest finding your own battle music to listen to for the time being. It's not very adrenaline pumping. STAMP YOUR BANDWIDTH ON A POSTCARD AND SEND IT INTO Filefront Temple Who cares Avenue Somewhere,Etc. 01134 Or you could just click that handicapped link below =_v. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan

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