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Dawn of Skirmish DC


Introduction ============ Prepare for a more enhanced Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade skirmish experience! This project started after the release of Dawn Of War with the intent to bring to the
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global DoW community a more intense and satisfying AI opponent on the field of war. We hope you will agree that has been achieved with the understanding more is to be done in the future. Our work continues to evolve and in the coming months will make current efforts pale in comparison. However, you have to start somewhere and hot damn what a jumpstart! Its been a slice from start to, well, continuing! We\'re so looking forward to enhancing the AI even further in the coming months! Whats In The Package? ==================== o Main Installation Package containing the Enhanced DoW AI scripts (contains ONLY those .ai files that our team altered) o Dawn Of Skirmish DC V2.2 dowai.txt (what your reading) o Doc folder containing information how to add your own faction to the AI project. What\'s new in Dawn of Skirmish DC AI 2.2? ========================================= o Rework of large parts of the code to increase the performance, get rid of lags and and fix the MP sync problems o IG bunkering (Only with activated \'AI SCAR support\' option in the game options) o Transport code (Only with activated \'AI SCAR support\' option in the game options) o Units enter buildings for deepstriking o Improved capturing, jumping, harassing, attack and defense behaviour o Race specific build order and tactic improvements o Lots of bug fixes o Includes Heroes Special mod, which allows units to gain experience levels (Activate \'Heroes\' in the game options to use that) AI Highspeed Setting ==================== Option set in the game mode panel at the setup of a game. People who experience heavy lag and sync problems in multiplayer should try this option. Some AI calculations are simplified or skipped to increase performance. But beware, the AI could be slightly weaker because of that. AI SCAR support =============== Option set in the game mode panel at the setup of a game. Activates AI donations, IG bunkering, support for transport vehicles Heroes Special ============== Option set in the game mode panel at the setup of a game. Activates the Heroes Special mod which is a rework of CutterShanes exceptional Heroes mod, that specializes only on the unit experience system. Have a look at the Heroes Special readme file for further information. There\'s also a Heroes Special modding document which describes the inclusion and modification of Heroes Special for other mods. AI Donation System ================== Option can be toggled in the AI Config Panel - All races donate requisition if they own more than 800 - All races demand requisition if they own less than 200 - All races donate power if they own more than 600 (Necrons: more than 1100) - All races demand power if they own less than 200 (Necrons: less than 400) AI Config Panel =============== There are several options you can change for each difficulty level to adjust the AI behaviour to you liking. 1.) Dancing ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dancing is the ability to run away with ranged units if they are attacked in melee. There are three possible settings: a) Off => Dancing is not used at all b) Standard => The AI is restricted to only dance with one unit at a time c) Godlike => The AI will dance with several units at a time if necessary 2.) Attack Delay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This forces the AI to wait with an attack until a specif time has passed. You can adjust this time in two minute steps from 0 to 20 minutes. 3.) Tech Speed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With an increased teching speed, the AI will spend its resources more on teching than on building troops. With a decreased teching speed, the AI will spend its resources more on building troops than on teching. 4.) Teching Handicap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A handicap will slow down the teching of an AI. It will also hoard more ressources instead of spending it immediately for units or buildings. You can give allies an handicap or opponents. If you give allies a handicap, all AI\'s allied with a human player are affected. If you give opponents a handicap, all AI\'s not allied with a human player are affected. You can use this behaviour for example to weaken AI opponents if you don\'t feel good enough to face them at full strength. Or you want the exact opposite, a real challenge, and weaken your own allies, so you have to do more yourselve. 5.) Allow alternative strategies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All AI\'s have 4 different strategies: - A solid allround strategy - A special ranged strategy - A special melee strategy - A vehicle fast tech strategy If alternative strategies are activated, the AIs will choose one of those strategies at the start by random, though the chances of each strategy are influenced by opponent and map size. If deactivated, the AI will always choose the solid allround strategy. 6.) Early Harassing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This allows commanders and combat troops to make an attack at an extremly early state to avoid opposing scout capturing strategic points. If successfull, this can severly cripple the opponents ressource income and decide the game at a very early state. On the other side, harassing can also lead to a quick sacrifice of troops, which gives the opponent an advantage. Harassing is only possible in the first 4 minutes. 7.) Multiple Troop Production Buildings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The AI normally builds more troop production buildings if it has excess ressources. This allows often an outproducing of the opponenr who can\'t replace its losses fast enough. Bear in mind that the AI might still build more troop production because of other reasons. IG for example need to build them to increase their squad and support caps. In this case those buildings are normally only built a bit later. This can also hurt the balance between the races since some of them are affected more and others less of it. 8.) Allow Relic units ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If deactivated, the AI won\'t build any Relic units like the Baneblade from the Imperial Guard or the Chaos Bloodthirster. 9.) AI donations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allows the AI to donate resources.

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