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z3r0x's FoC Addon


z3r0x's FOC Addon V3 This mod adds a significant amount of units, Heroes, Planets, Missions and gameplay features to Forces of Corruption. It Includes a number of Easter Eggs and also
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contains a number of other new items. CHANGES FOR V3: New units: Underworld: Space: Cloakshape Fighter Howl Runner Fighter Ginivex-class Fighter Mankvim-814 Fighter Nantex Fighter Tri-Droid Fighter Vulture Droid Fighter Corellian Frigate Recusant Frigate Munificent Frigate Technounion Destroyer Corellian Destroyer Providence Cruiser Corellian Battlecruiser* Lucrehulk Pinnance Hardcell Transport Land: R2-D3 Slicer/Suicide Droid B1 BattleDroids Super BattleDroids Mandalorian Shock Troopers* Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP) Droideka MK1 Snail Tank* AAT Droid Tank Hailfire Tank Multi-Troop Transport (MTT) V-19 Speeder Special: Golan 1-3 Hero: Guri Structure: Casino* Structure: Brothel* Structure: Gladiator Arena Empire: Space: A9 Interceptor Assault Gunboat TIE Advanced TIE Avenger TIE Droid TIE Raptor Guardian Class Patrol Ship Bayonet Cruiser Carrack Cruiser Strike Cruiser Tyrant Missile Cruiser Dominator Cruiser Escort Carrier Lancer Frigate Star Galleon-class frigate Legacy Class: Star Destoryer Venator Class: Star Destoryer Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser Mandator I-class Star Dreadnought Eclipse Super Star Destroyer* Sovereign Super Star Destroyer Land: Novatroopers E-Web Troopers Darkside Adepts XR-85 Tank Droid Probe Droid AT-RT AT-PT AT-AP ISP AT-TE Walker LAAT/i* Special: Golan 1-3 Hero: Baron Soontir Fel w/181st Squadron* Hero: Admiral Ozzel w/Nemesis Star Destroyer* Hero: Mara Jade Added in for ALL GC's Structure: Imperial Intelligence Branch* Rebels: Space: Arc-170 Delta-7 Aethersprite Eta-2 Actis E-Wing K-Wing Preybird T-Wing Barloz-class freighter Ferret Recon Ship Fleet Tender Sacheen-class light escort Corona-class frigate Alderaanian War Frigate Assault Frigate MK1 CC-7700 Interdictor Dreadnaught Liberator Carrier Quasar Fire Carrier Nebulon B2 MC-40 MC-75 MC-80a MC-90 Dauntless Bulwark Land: AAC Hovertank Bothan Spies R4 Slicer Droids T1-B Tank T3-B Tank* V-Wing Speeder Special: Golan 1-3 Hero: General Jan Dodonna Hero: Kyle Katrarn/w Moldy Crow Structure: Bothan Listening Post Misc Factions: R-41 StarChaser* N1 Fighter* Vong Units *V3* Miid Ro'ik * Yorik-et* Matalok* Ro'ik chuun m'arh* Uumufalh* Modifications: *V3* 3 New Galactic Campaigns (Classic Matchup- Just Imps and Rebs, Humble Beginnings - All factions start with 4-5 planets, Humble Beginnings Fulll - Rebs and Imps only start witth 4-5 planets) 4 New planets Rendili, Ord Mantell, Mygeeto, and Mechis III 8 New Maps New Skydome added for Zhar. Each faction has Major production planets. Where Companies like SorroSuub, KDY, Sienar Systems, etc can be built. New Structures for all factions Sienar Fleet Systems Empire (Corulag)* Kuat Drive Yards Empire/Rebels (Kuat) * Hoersch-Kessel Driveworks Inc Underworld (Mechis III) Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective Underworld (Geonosis)* SoroSuub Rebels (Sullust)* Corellian Engineering Corporation Rebels/Underworld (Corellia)* MandalMotors Underworld (Mandalore)* Rendili StarDrive Rebels (Rendili)* Mon Cal ShipYards Rebels (Mon Calimari)* Casino (Underworld) Gladiator Arena (Underworld) Cantina (Underworld) Brothel (Underworld) Imperial Intelligence Agency (Empire) Imperial Prison (Empire) Bothan Listening post (Rebels) Empire Advanced Vehicle Factory only buildable on certain planets.. LAAT, Lancet, AT-AT, AT-AA, Juggernaut buildable at Empire Advanced Vehicle Factory Golans 1-3's are buildable on most major planets as additional defenses. They do not replace Space Stations. How and where ships are built has been completely re-vamped. Space Battle Pop Cap increased for all sides Executor buildable only on Fondor Many new sounds for units NOTE!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT AUTO RESOLVE BATTLES ON ANY PLANET WHERE THERE IS A INDEPENDENT FACTION & REMEMBER: You need to have Shaders in their correct folder to use the models in game or else you get a green skin for the units

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