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FoC Skirmish Map Pack


FoC Skirmish Map Pack V1.1 V1.1: the maps have a more \"beautiful\" look. This pack contains eight skirmish space maps: - Battle of Byss - Chaos over Tatooine - Conquest of Muunilinst -
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Crystals of Aeten II - Bespin: Tibanna Wars - Mustafar Siege - Yavin: Death Star Debris - Endor: Death Star II Construction Battle of Byss The huge Eclipse SSD is over Byss, and a battle to free the planet began (or to keep it\'s control if you\'re playing as the Empire). Fortunately to the Consortium/Rebels, the Eclipse Defense Systems are offline since it is in it\'s repair duty. Chaos over Tatooine (8 players support) The planet Tatooine was always an interesting place to hidden a base, large deserts as Dune Sea, or wastelands as Jundland. And if there\'s a bright center to the universe, it is the planet that it\'s farthest from... There are so many villainy and scum here that is difficult to our enemies to find a hidden base... Or to us to build it... Conquest of Muunilinst Muunilinst is a rich urban world that was once the headquarter of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, perhaps we can get a lot of credits if we take control of the planet and learn more about the old Confederacy of Independent Systems. Crystals of Aeten II Aeten II is known primarily for it\'s stygium crystals, which can be used to create Cloaking Devices. If we can get our hands in these crystals, we could could field an invisible advantage against our enemies. Bespin: Tibanna Wars (8 players support) Needing more resource of the precious Tibanna Gas, you planned an attack on one of the largest Bespin\'s Tibanna Gas refineries, the BesGas H-47-K. Watch out to the refinery defence ships, they appear to have some Interceptor Frigates and some Venators modified into light cargo ships (but still well-armored) and most important: we intercepted a transmission that another faction was wanting to take control of the refinery, so hurry... Mustafar Siege (8 players support) The mysterious planet of Mustafar could be a good resource of credits, and perhaps, we could scavenge some CIS forgotten techonology, be alert, the sistem probably has it\'s own defense force. Yavin: Death Star Debris There were a lot of data stored inside the Death Star. Although the Zann Consortium already got some of the data storage pods, but if we are lucky, our forces could find some data yet. Or at least clean the way for a land invasion. Endor: Death Star II Construction Well, this map doesn\'t have a story yet, but it let you play a three way space battle above Endor and the DSII under construction plus an SSD - they are not usable by any factions.

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