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MP 2Fort 2002


Description : 2 Fortresses 2002 is based on one of my favourite Team Fortress Classic levels, 2fort. I always enjoyed playing 2fort since there seemed to be a bit of everything for each
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class - sniping, close combat, stealth. 2fort was originally a Quake TF map, and was later ported over to Team Fortress Classic - so I will continue the tradition for SOF2. mp_2fort2002 is *based* on 2fort, while it isn't an exact replica, it pays homage to the original map... with additions to make the level more in touch with SOF2. The basement in which the flags are kept now have 4 entrance points, making the flag easier to capture. Although as compensation, there are numerous areas and architecture which a defending team can use to their advantage to defend their flag. You will note many changes and additions... and yes, the spiral staircase was a casualty - the compiler didn't seem to like it, plus it made me dizzy walking up it anyway. :) I planned on releasing 2 maps in the one pack, the regular map with elevators, and mp_2fort2002_lite.bsp which does not have elevators or doors. I wanted to include the 'lite' version because I am unsure of how the map will perform on servers with a high traffic load. At the end of the day I decided not to for size reasons. If enough people want a 'Lite' version then I may release it. mp_2fort2002 is first and foremost a CTF map, although I have added all the other game variants to this level incase people wish to play them. NOTE: I know I am going to cop a lot of flack and abuse for releasing this map, so I will say this - mp_2fort2002 was only ever intended for personal use on LAN's with friends and family. The only reason I have released it to the public is that I was asked to, not because I want to. So I do not want to hear your bullsh*t about ripping off other people's maps or your pre-pubescent jabbering about how crap it is - grow up. [b]ADMIN NOTE:[/b] I might be kinda biased about this map coming out because I still play TFC and this is the only map that I will play. I have also seen a version of this map for Kingpin (If anyone has heard of this game, let me know, lol) Anyways, I loaded this map up and played it and I was very impressed. I liked the additions/changes to this map. Especially the air ducts on both sides. If your gonna dl a map from this site, you [b][i]HAVE TO[/b][/i] download this one, I'll guarantee that you won't be disappointed. CaNNoN

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