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Halo Plasma Pistol


Well, here we have another small mod by Sithmaster555, and this time he’s decided to bring us the Plasma Pistol from Halo! Sure, it’s not perfect, but at least he tried. Firstly, the model just
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looks too big. It looks like the plasma pistol, but in giant form. So that’s first thing that needs to be changed. The second one that needs to be changed is making the first person view work. What Sithmaster555 did was have it named briar_pistol_w.md3. What it should have been is briar_pistol.md3. Remember, to have something overwrite, it needs to have the same name as the original. Oh, and on the matter of the first person view, the author needs to rotate the model so it actually shows up. And easy way to do this is import another first person view of a model and then make it so your gun is rotated the same way as the imported model. After that make the required adjustments. One thing I did when I was trying to make weapons was to put two different sized cubes to the left and right of the model, and then rotated/moved the model towards whichever cube I wanted it moved to. So as the first person view is now, it’s just nothing, although if you take falling damage you can see it for a second. The skinning on the model isn’t the best, but can be improved with practice. But then, nobody’s perfect. Although…it is kind of blurry and indistinct. Oh, another thing I noticed is that some effects are conflicting, namely the effect for when a charged shot hits the wall. That’s one thing. Another thing is that the shot color has been redone, as well as the sounds. Now that’s a good thing, except for the glow on the lights under weapon spawns is now tinged a light green color. Basically, this is a good attempt at making the Plasma Pistol from Halo. Now, it won’t work in Jedi Academy without some tweaking, so Jedi Outcast users can revel in having something the Jedi Academy users don’t! :p Granted, it still needs work, but it’s still a good attempt. ~Zach

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