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SWAT: Aftermath


[b]Redscull[/b] has been plenty busy, he has been working hard on releasing the next version of his highly popular [i]SWAT: Aftermath[/i] map, and we have it here for you to enjoy! For those of you
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that have just joined us from the waay out in the boonies, or looking for that killer wave to serf in the Sahara, SWAT: Aftermath is a cooperative map, against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Teamwork is essential as is using each class's strengths to their fullest. Enemies are numerous and extremely dangerous, resulting in non-stop and intense action. Despite the courageous efforts of the original S.W.A.T. team, the government resorted to nuclear detonation in a vain attempt to end the infestation of Raccoon City. Not only did the blast fail to keep the zombies down, but the intense city-wide radiation bestowed new mutant abilities unto the minions! Bravo team was testing new, advanced equipment in a secret bomb shelter when the explosion devastated the city. You are a member of this team, and your squad now has the daunting task of eliminating this threat once and for all. But saving the city requires more than shooting undead. [b]Some features found in this version are:[/b] Three interactive and diverse victory objectives encourage aggressive, explorative play; camping will not lead to victory [b]Restore Power:[/b] Located in random buildings in Raccoon City are six broken power plant reactors. They are marked on the player's minimap with light blue dots. [b]Reduce Radiation:[/b] Scattered randomly throughout the city are numerous radiation fragments. As long as the number of rads is greater than the safe level (or the nulcear fallout indicator is not clear), more rad. fragments will continue to spawn. [b]Rescue Civilians:[/b] The zombies which plague Raccoon City are actually civilians which were infected by a virus (created by Umbrella Corp.) and mutated by radiation. A short while into the game, the scientist will finish developing an antidote and make it available for free from his assistant in the laboratory. Customize your hero by selecting from one of nine distinct and balanced classes, three armor styles, and fourteen traits; there are 518 unique combinations, each with multiple ability builds Voting system allows players to kick teamkillers and laggers SWAT has been extensively polished and play-tested; map contains over 20,000 lines of professionally developed JASS code The game begins with each player voting for one of the three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, or Insane. Difficulty level scales numerous aspects of the game's challenges and determines the requirements of the primary objectives. In order to win the game, players must successfully complete the primary objectives (in any order) with at least one player's main hero alive. The game ends in defeat if the last surviving main hero dies, even if other support units are still alive. Victorious games award much more rank experience and unlock rank caps for heroes who hadn't yet beaten the played difficulty level. Completing mini-quests is not necessary to win, but the rewards for doing so may make victory easier to achieve.

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