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NOTD Aftermath


Significant number of changes and improvements are often made with each new release of NOTD Aftermath. New content is added, while efficient and quality improvements are continuously added. Having
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said that, here is the newest version of [b]Night of the Dead: Aftermath[/b]... We are proud to once again present the most recent version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath, for your enjoyment! Alot of glitches have been fixed, and the gameplay has been improved. NOTD: Aftermath is a survival game; It has a steep learning curve and a save system to store Marine Experience. Objectives are relayed throughout the game and the Marines must do their best to complete them while surviving the constant onslaught of horrors. A little background: In September 2037, a mysterious viral outbreak in Boston 4 days ago led the city to shut down and the entire state of Massachusetts to be placed under quarantine. Many early Marine Corps elements sent to facilitate the evacuation of the city have been wiped out, detailed by the events of Night of the Dead 2. In the past 36 hours, the US Military finally gained an upperhand and the outbreak was steadily brought under control. With state borders secured, Marine Expeditionary Units have begun patrolling the outlying towns for signs of contamination. Echo Company was one of these fateful units which found itself in the middle of the heaviest concentrations of unknown entities. [b]Some bugfixes include:[/b] Fixed a radius display inaccuracy when using \'Plant Chain Exposive\' skill. (xtoilet) Energy bonus from FPS mode removed. Strength and Agility gains improved. Minimized MD5 damage issues. Removed invulnerability on Forward Stations during earlier chapters due to a potential exploit. (manze) Removed an unnecessary Reload ability from LZ mission reinforcements. Fixed a terrain issue where Zulus were stuck above the north east cave. Fixed a problem where EM Satellites damaged coordinates 0,0 if the target is dead before damage is dealt. [b]New Features and Improvements found in this version are:[/b] Winning the game now increases your chances of earning medals. A valid Boot Camp game is now classified as having at least one player with less than 5000 XP after code loading is disabled in Wave 2. The DI Ribbon can only be earned in a valid Boot Camp game. You now cannot save in Boot Camp unless the validity check is fulfilled. Rapid Fire cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds. Cooldown text similiar to DotA format added to many tooltips. Play Dead cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.

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