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Kashyyyk Tree Canopy


[quote]"Long before the Clone Wars the native Wookies of Kashyyyk created a sport set in treehouse arenas suspended above the ground. This sport would later be practised by Rebel and Imperial forces
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as an alternative to their usual inaccurate firefights. Since the Battle of Endor, with increased freedom of travellers to explore the galaxy again, one of the original arenas for this sport was discovered in an isolated forest on Kashyyyk. It was quickly transformed for use with the more evolved and deadly sport of Capture the Flag."[/quote] You think you've seen all the forest possibilities for maps...You see Ewok Villages...then you see this...Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld. This is as different from Ewok village type maps as night from day. The Trees are huge towering columns that almost disappear into the darkness, above and below, with a canopy of leaves and branches way overhead...almost too far above to see. The tree trunks are carved out in numerous places, and you can run through them. The walkways are often very wide, and very meticulously structured. You get the feeling that the Wookiees had a greater sense of craftsmanship than the Ewoks. When you fall, you fall into blackness. There is a subtle blend of technology, in the form of a few doors, lights, and panels, and this authenticates the portrayal of the Wookiee way of life in my mind. The forest feels so massive I would almost say it is "cavernous". The flags are kept inside two large, main huts. Between the huts you will find two mirrored "staging" platforms, where confrontations are most likely to take place when flag carriers and defenders bump into each other. For this reason, I think this will make a very good FFA map as well (hint, hint). And between these two staging areas is a large circular room, with two levels. Upper levels take you to the flag huts the front way, lower levels take you the back way. I am reminded of the bridge crossway at the Bespin Exhaust Shafts CTF map. These five major areas are linked up with a network of bridges, catwalks, ropes, platforms and tunnels through tree trunks. Some bridges don't have railing, to placate the force push people, and others do. There are short step-ladders in several places; when you walk up to a stepladder, an invisible trampoline jumps you right up to the next level. VERY clever. You can actually run across the ropes that link bridges to platforms if you want to take a somewhat unnecessary shortcut. The tunnels through massive tree trunks are very squarely cut. Torches and wall fires are harmless. For each team there is a somewhat-removed hollowed-out tree with a working shield charger inside. Background music is from the Bespin maps. Only one downside, and it's minor: No bot support. Other than that, this is one of the great CTF maps, and I would say it definitely lends itself to the good FFA, if DeTRiTiC-iQ will consider porting it! Get this one NOW! - Astyanax

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