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Chamber of the Immortal


I love mapping contests. And I love when participants send us their entrees. New maps are always good, and especially the ones that come from the fruits of weeks of intensive labored aimed at one
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thing: total world domination! Er, eh, winning I mean. So anyway, this map was made for the [url=""]Map-Craft[/url] January '07 contest. Details on this contest? [url=""]Check 'em out here[/url]. The map, however, mainly speaks for itself. The map is a cathedral, and retains many of the typical architectural aspects that you would expect from a cathedral. Rounded arches, wood and stone work, and a domed ceiling all add to the mood and feel of this piece. Accurate lighting also helped. The map is lit entirely by torches, and as you might expect, to light this entire chapel there are quite a few of them! The texture work here is the real treat. From what I understand, that was the focal point of the contest itself. As far as I can tell, all of the textures are brand-spankin' new, and they all do a wonderful job of bringing the location to life, both because of their high quality and their wonderful fit. You can have wonderful textures and an ugly map if your textures don't work with each other. That's definitely not an issue here, though. The textures wonderfully compliment the architecture, really giving the map the mood and feel it's supposed to have. Extras, you wonder? Well sure! Bot support is a must for all maps (Why? Cuz I said so.) and this map delivers in that particular area. And of course, the plethora of textures that I already mentioned surely count as an "extra." There's also another thing having to do with timescales that I frankly don't really understand, so check the read-me for more information on that. One last thing to note is that all the source files have been included within the PK3, as a requirement for the contest's entry. You may feel free to use these files for your own learning purposes. I recommend not cannibalizing this map (or any map, for that matter), but they're free for your use. Just remember to give credit where credit is due! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri

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