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Clonewar stances and effects


=_= *sheathes sacrificial knife, just having given the heart of someone you know to his hound* Greetings once more, humans. Today we are granted what I could say is a rather nice little minimod
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for once. My initial thoughts were naturally apprehensive, but I stand corrected on that. Behold, the contents of this mod: - New Saber, Force, and Misc. Effects: We\'re granted with a new looks for..well...=_= the above mentioned. The only effect I was entranced by was the lightning. As such =_,= I included a picture of me decimating a fool with my medley of spells. Other than that, I\'m not phased too heavily by the changes. GET IT FOR YOURSELF AND JUDGE =_=. - New Sabers: Yes, masses. You are granted with a large medley of sabers from the entire Star Wars series, so it seems. The second screenshot lists but a few. If you must know, the green midget\'s saber is in there as well =_o along with others. Each is rather sexually appealing. Not only are they included separately, they overwrite the default sabers so thou won\'t be disappointed. - Angry sounds: FORCE, SABER, and...curses that\'s it? I wanted to do an angry finisher...oh well -=THUNDER AND LIGHTNING=- there. Now then, some rather well-composed sounds were implanted for Force Push/Pull, Grip, and Lightning. All except perhaps the Force Push were excellent. Force Push sounded more like one of my artillery cannons, unfortunately. Nothing that would demean the sounds as a whole. The saber sounds were typical movie sounds, so what else is left to say? Well, they were sufficient and not bad to listen to. Not mind-shatteringly impressive, but GOOD NONETHELESS =_=. - Stances: allegedly there were a variety of stances in this pack. Alas, even when booting up a clean base JA game, I found nothing. Perhaps it may be just me, but all I witnessed was some saber igniting chances. Perhaps it\'s simply myself, or perhaps the author is at fault I\'ll let you all figure that out. Apparently my machine is TOO INEPT AND THUS REQUIRES TO BE KILLED. Overall? Decent. It\'s most definitely worth a submission of bandwidth should you be looking for a bit of SPARKLING ANGER WITH YOUR GAME EXPERIENCE...or pretty sounds/effects. Either way, SUBMIT BANDWIDTH HERE! *points to the Filefront Tower* - Averus Retruthan

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