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Insects Infestation: v1.0 to v1.0.5 Patch - Client File


This is the new client patch version 1.0.5 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation. This will patch from version 1.0 to version 1.0.5. [quote] This new patch will patch from 1.0 to
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1.0.5, no need to install the older patch! We have a new member! Cyborgmatt is now our Tester Leader. We worked together on this release all the week. Soon Cybormatt will seek new dedicated bug tester. Stay tuned! [b]We discover a little problem with this patch: When the round is ended the players respawn in the ready room and cannot enter in any team anymore. Server can correct this by putting 1 to mp_votemap_round, this will resolve the problem for now. Also, if the server did not change this value players can still vote by using VOTEMAP MAPNAME in console to change the map.[/b][/quote] [b]Changelog:[/b] [Added] Votemap result window [Added] Color in chat interface for system message / admin [Added] Location name in team chat interface [Added] Dutch language [Added] Chinese language [Added] New chat font [Added] sv_kick_plant_ratio - Percentage of players requires to kick the plant. (default: 0.35) [Added] sv_kick_plant_count - Number of players minimum required. (default: 3) [Added] mp_votemap_extend - Allow extend current map. (default: 1) [Added] mp_votemap_extend_count - Maximum extend on the same map. (default: 1) [Added] mp_votemap_extend_duration - Extend time in minutes. (default: 15) [Updated] Lots of new sounds! [Updated] DOM_DEADCOW map [Updated] Termite Queen skin [Updated] Termite Larva skin [Updated] Coca plant skin [Updated] Coca berry skin [Updated] Poop model [Updated] French language [Updated] NPC don't collide anymore with Poop, NPC, Plant and Queen [Updated] Reishi model is now smaller [Updated] godres command can now give res to #ant, #termite or #all [Updated] Reduce coprinus range from 800 -> 600 [Updated] Increase coca berry boost ( Berry damage 10 -> 15, Speed 1.5 -> 1.65, Stamina 1.75 -> 2 ) [Updated] Queen speed decreased by 25% [Updated] Poop attack stuck time decrease from 10 -> 4 seconds [Updated] Coprinus root stuck enemy changed 4 -> 3 seconds [Updated] Structure's ghosts appear blue when near to plant, spot or to many plants [Fixed] Ant builder poop stack exploit [Fixed] NPC Ants getting stuck on poop [Fixed] Structure limit not working [Fixed] Structure's Physmodel not updating [Fixed] First Spawned NPC getting stuck [Fixed] Large FPS Decrease With Spawn/Scoreboard/Buy Menu [Fixed] Knockback From Structure Projectiles To Strong [Fixed] Players Re-Gestating (second bug) [Fixed] Heavy Soldier Rush Getting Blocked By Terrain [Fixed] Poop Left By Players Who Disconnected, Caused a Crash [Fixed] Crash on client while connecting [Fixed] Added Extend for votemap and correct ratio bug during vote [Fixed] Decreased soldier's back speed when using acid attack [Fixed] Termite Soldier Grab Weapon not working [Fixed] Bug in death notice, the last icon / text was not completely show [Fixed] Resource plant in DOM map not re-growing after 60 seconds [Fixed] Resource / Upgrade plant not working in II_DEADCOW [Fixed] Chat Font size for 640x480, 800x600 was to small [Fixed] Giveres message not being shown/displaying wrong amounts [Fixed] Vote (votemap) from player was not shown [b]THIS IS THE CLIENT FILE[/b]

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