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Nelvaan: Village


Well, theres, Wow, just, [b]Wow![/b] This map, Has just became my [b]Favourite map of all times[/b], And will surely become your [b]favourite map[/b] as well! If anyone has seen the Clone Wars
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Cartoon then they should be familier with the Nelvaan: Village in it. [quote]About the map: This location was featured in the Clone Wars cartoon. It\'s set in and around the village, and includes the Nelvaanians that inhabited it in their combat gear. Although there was no combat actually in the village in the Clone Wars, it does make for a great combat location.[/quote] Can\'t think of what to say, feeling that what words I can say, no matter how great they are, will not live up to the [b]Awsome-ness[/b] of this map. The Map is awsome, Made up of custom models that look fantastic! The Models are perfect, Extremly well done with nice textures. The map contains so much detail, Ladders ((which you can climb up by jumping!)) Tables, Fruit, Banners, Sheilds, Windows, Ramps, Fires. It contains so much. The Combat is awsome. I was running around in CTF, while carrying the flag and I wasn\'t looking where I was running, I ended up running into a gaint bonefire and dieing. Everything is great in this map. Theres so many ways around this small map. Little bridges, passage ways, Ramps. If you can use tactics on this map, Your bound to win. Some CPs have great views of ramps down below, or a narrow passages to get to it that you can easily defend them, Other ones are in great posistions that you can lurnch attacks upon the other CPs and force them into a corner and win the game. Theres constant action in the map which I love, Normally I\'m not a fan of CTF, but the CTF in this map is awsome. The Flags are place in the best spots and the Flag Bases are in even better places, Playing as the Republic is a challange if you carry the flag, Good tactics are requirred to score as the way to their base has sniper spots all around it and a long spiral walk at the end. I played and played it, And could only find these bugs, The Localization doesn\'t work on all languages. It doesn\'t contain much of custom sides, But it does contain Asajj Ventress donated by Teancum and a local side of Nelvaanians :p I set off to just play each mode for 5 minutes, but found myself playing it for 2 hours :o There is so much fun in the map to be had, Its a must download for 2007! Even if you don\'t have SWBF II, Download it and give it to a friend that does have SWBF II, they will love it and you for getting it for you. ~[b]Penguin[/b]

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