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Weapons of the Old Republic


T7nowhere makes his FileFront debut with his best mod he’s ever put together. As many of you know, he’s one of the co-authors of the Ultimate Saber Mod that finally made its way to FileFront
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recently. This mod he likes to call [i]Weapons of the Old Republic[/i] made for the original [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] game. This mod brings in new models that really rev up the original KOTOR game. All party members have their own new weapon model except for T3-M4. Bastila, Juhani, and Jolee have new lightsaber models. Canderous, Carth, and HK-47 have new blasters, Zaalbar has a new bowcaster, and Mission has a new vibroblade. Along the way, you will run across new weapons to get your hands on, like a new Bacca blade model. When you run into Calo Nord, he has new twin blasters you can get your hands on once you defeat him. Darth Bandon has a new lightsaber model (made by Svösh). If you have seen his lightsaber in the Ultimate Saber Mod for TSL, then you know already what it looks like. You can get it off of Bandon’s corpse once you defeat him. Yuthura Ban sports a Jedi and Sith lightsaber. As many of you know, Yuthura used to be a Jedi and still carries her Jedi lightsaber along with her new Sith one and she will fight you with both. You can get your hands on those if you defeat her. Sherruk, the Mandalorian on Dantooine who collects lightsabers from his fallen Jedi victims sports a new blaster and will attack you with a double-bladed lightsaber if you get close enough for melee combat. Darth Malak also has a new lightsaber model that was seen in the Ultimate Saber Mod, but slightly modified for improvement. On the Unknown World, The One has a new melee weapon (made by Mono_Giganto). Lots of new models, lots of new elements and surprises in this mod by the author, a definite must download for you diehard K1 fans. I would like to thank T7nowhere for letting me beta test it. It was fun to work with him and to play with these new models. Thanks again, T7. And to everybody, enjoy this fantastic mod! :D [b]Note:[/b] If you really need emergency technical support, please visit the link provided to its [url=]Home Thread[/url] at Holowan Labs. T7nowhere will always check that thread for any questions. Do not expect help for this mod posting in the comments here. Use it more for compliments or basically what do you think of the mod. While our staff will do what we can to help, the best help will come at Holowan Labs in the link I have just provided. Also, please read the readmes for instructions on how to use this mod to save time on questions. Thanks! :D -Shem Here are a couple of file patches! Put the files in your override folder after you install the mod. **Note** Make sure you remove the p_bastilla001.utc and the p_bastilla002.utc files once you install the mod. It has caused some issues on the Leviathan for some people and they aren't needed files anyway.

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