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The objective of Team Conversion is quite simple. One team needs to convert the other. A medic can revive any dead person, even if it's someone from the opposite team. When he revives a victim from
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the other team, the victim gets converted to the medic's team. When there's only one player remaining in a certain team, the game enters bunny mode, and that player becomes the bunny. The bunny is a powerful player with a lot of health and an altered venom gun (does more damage, doesn't heat up, and doesn't slow you down). As a bunny you can do 2 things, you can try to last out the rest of the gametime, which is a fairly hard thing to do. Most players decide to go hiding, but with like 7-15 other players looking for you, you'll be found sooner or later. As an alternative, the bunny can revive one person back to full health. After that he's bunny no longer, but his team is back up to 2 players. Of course, if you end up reviving a soldier, and you're an engineer yourself, it'll be fairly hard to convert more players to your own team. So play it smart. Their are a few ways to 'win' the game: When one team fully converts the other, the final bunny is the ultimate loser. The bunnykiller and bunnyreviver are more or less the winners of the game. If the gametime is over and there's no bunny at that time, the winning team is the team with most players in it. If the gametime is over and there is a bunny left, that bunny is the big winner, since he managed to stay alive until the end of the game. New in this release (among other stuff) is the addition of (pretty basic) per-class experience levels. Depending on your amount of kills (and revives, medpacks, ammopacks is you're a medic/lieut) you will reach a certain XP level (you can see your XP at the bottom of your HUD. There are 8 xp levels per class, your XP keeps growing as long as you stay connected to the server (that means it remains the same when there's only a mapchange). You can see what xp level a guy is by the color of the name above his head. You can also see this of the enemy players. It can be of great advantage for your team to first try to convert high xp ppl, since these have better 'player mods'. They do more damage per shot, have more health, give more health or ammo in their packs... stuff like that.

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