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-[CETJ]-Yavin Metal


-=A ghost ship flies down and crashes down onto a circus. I, Averus, emerge stepping on a ramp of clowns, along with taking every measure to take the path with the most clowns to step
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on.=- *munching on a stick of beef jerky* mmm...=_= now, it seems we\'ve yet another clan map brought to the altar. *Kicks a corpse of out of the way* Now I\'ve seen some of the author\'s previous work, and to be honest, he hasn\'t made too much effort to improve his tech-nee-que. What we were brought was a decent, yet still significantly flawed map. However, there were good aspects of the map. The first was the graveyard. Yes, I\'m biased. Whenever I see a graveyard, my eyes flare up in utter malevolent joy and I do a ceremonial grave dance of joyous death. This time was no different. Afterward, I did what I always do to in graveyards: I raised soldiers. However, there was one grave that was out of place in the grave alignment. I asked the inhabitant what the deal with that was, and he had no idea. The terrain was also relatively good. However, it was canceled out by the map\'s various negative aspects: -Shrubbery in water has no roots: though a mere nitpick, you would think the plant would have taken root at some point. It is supposedly in flowing water, so apparently you\'ve found a godly plant. I shall have to battle it to the death later =_=. - Tuning Fork Waterfall: this aspect was very strange. The main \"core\" of the stream seemed to go invisible at certain angles, and it increased as you jumped higher. Strange, yes. Knowledge of how to correct that? I cannot supply it. Ask some more benign force, for I am the epitome of \"not good\" - Fog: This was probably the most blasphemous thing in the entire map, simply because good intent was overshadowed by horrible implementation. I too enjoy a wonderful bit of ground fog or mist myself. I\'m assuming that was the author\'s intent, simply because I don\'t think there\'s another explanation for it. The result was two horribly joined rectangles going down the slope with poor siding. You could see under the fog. The two rectangles intending to represent this fog had a line that went down across the map. Clearly the fog was harmed! YOU HURT FOG\'S FEELINGS =_=. - Blocky map: this part was probably not as bad, but the entire map was very square. There was maybe one bend in the architecture to make it seem not like a rectangle. I also noticed that there somehow was a second skybox behind the map o_O what that means, I\'m not certain. Perhaps he was intending to fool us with a false sky. That happened to me once with the sun falling, but then I remembered I had summoned a meteor to play a trick on a Brachiosaurus. Sucker didn\'t see it coming. Overall, however, this could be another map that might end up going to the Trolls for dinner.(and I mean the big gnarled angry ones, not the ones that run around naked with huge hair) I would highly suggest cleaning up your maps\' errors before submitting, dear lad. They come in bulk, and it\'s very displeasing to many. *walks back up onto the ghost vessel and flies off, leaving the circus in ruins* New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan

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