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Star Wars - Empire at War - Spaceship AddOn


Star Wars - Empire at War - Spaceship AddOn ( FoC version 3.0 ) This Mod enhanced the Fleets of the Rebels, Empire, Pirates, Zann Consortium with additional
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ships. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rebels: --------- Fighter/Bomber: B-Wing E-Wing K-Wing T-Wing Blastboat Corvettes: Guardian Patrolship CC7700 Interdictor Corvette Corellian heavy Corvette Corellian Gunboat (reworked) Corellian Heavy Gunboat Frigates: Quasar Fire Carrier Liberator upgraded Carrier Attack Frigate Dauntless Cruiser Nebulon B Frigate (reworked) Nebulon B2 Frigate MonCalamari Mc40 light Cruiser MonCalamari Mc40b upgraded light Cruiser MonCalamari Mc50 Missile Cruiser MonCalamari Mc60 Heavy Cruiser MonCalamari Mc75 Attack Cruiser Large Battleships: MonCalamari Mc80a (reworked) MonCalamari Mc80b MonCalamari Mc85 Heavy Cruiser MonCalamari Mc90 Star Cruiser MonCalamari Mc104 Star Cruiser Strident Star Defender Platforms and Stations: Golan I Platform Golan II Platform Golan III Platform XQ 1 Platform XQ 2 Platform Blackmarketyard Empire: --------- Fighter/Bomber: TIE-Avenger TIE-Defender TIE-Interceptor Gunboat XG-1 Missileboat XM-1 Corvettes: Bayonet Patrolship Lancer Frigate Carrack Cruiser Frigates: Escort Carrier Dreadnought Loronar Attack Cruiser Eidolon Missileship Victory I Destroyer Victory II Destroyer Victory III Destroyer Large Battleships: Dominator Star Destroyer Imperator I Star Destroyer Imperator II Star Destroyer Allegiance Star Destroyer Titan Star Destroyer Executor Super Star Destroyer Platforms and Stations: Golan I Platform Golan II Platform Golan III Platform XQ 1 Platform XQ 2 Platform Blackmarketyard Neutral Units / Pirates / Zann Consortium ------------------------------------------- Fighter/Bomber: Pirate Fighter Preybird Pirate Fighter Howlrunner Pirate Fighter Clockshape Pirate Fighter R41 Corvettes: Sacheen Crovette Ferret Patrolship IPV MKII Ranger Missile ship Frigates: Corellian light Frigate Corellian Frigate Bothan Attack Cruiser Watchkeeper Frigate Munificent Frigate Recusant Destroyer Invincible Dreadnought Geonosis Dreadnought Corona Frigate Leviathan Destroyer Balrus Battle Carrier KDY Destroyer Thranta Dreadnought Technounion Frigate Trafed artillery cruiser Large Battleships: Corellian Destroyer Goliat Super Carrier Procurator Destroyer Provience Destroyer Mandator Destroyer Platforms and Stations: Golan I Platform Golan II Platform Golan III Platform XQ 1 Platform XQ 2 Platform Blackmarketyard The Mod can be used for singleplayer, multiplayer and for the campaign. It nerved me that when the hardpoints were destroyed the ships exploded, or later in the space battle were ships which has no more weapons. Because of this I made the hardpoints viewable (for heavy weapons) but not destructible. Thereby the battles can become almost longer. But some Users have also wished a version of the Mod were you can destroy the hardpoints. That was the reason for me to include also such a version. You can choose during the install menu, which version you want installed. There are also some new weapons to make the ships a little bit differently for its several classes, in the view of its armament. A extended galaxis card is also existing, made by Drako. Furthermore some planets have more build slots for ground facilities. At last ;) Now there is also enough money! The planet boni were also adapted to the new ships. Have fun ;). Credits: Galaxis card modified by Drako new ships and stations models by EvilleJedi's Star Wars model pack email: website: B-Wing, Mc75 and Mc104 model by RazielKanos (Steiner Modding Team) website: model and texture modifications by Frankie (warlord.thb) website: website: Supportforum (german): Mod built by Frankie (warlord.thb) website: website: Supportforum (german): translated in english by Challenger (big thanks for his help) and Borg124 ( Tester Version 3.0 Drako Michael Raab Kayin Ulan Bator IcyError Furthermore I thank RazielKanos, Steiner und Malaak for its cooperation, ideas and the cooperation for the engine glow, skirmish AI and all the other support. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The install of this Mod happens on your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!! I or members of this project do not take liability for possible apperaing damages, which will be associated direct or indirect with the Mod. Despite thorough and many tests by me and/or other, you will find maybe some bugs. There is no support by Lucasarts or Petroglyph!!! Do not use or modify the Models, Scripts, Graphics and others of this Mod without permission in other Mods or something else. Copyright of their respective owner. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You need the full installed Star Wars - Empire at War game, the Addon Forces of Corruption (FoC) and at least the FoC patch 1.1! Please install the mod in the Forces of Corruption Install directory. (the installer creates its folders and also a start file to start the Mod!) (it is not necessary to install or copy it directly over the main game!!!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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