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Unreal Tournament 2003

DM-Shudder Creek


Some of you may remember Hayden's past work, DM-Reigncaster. If you did not check it out, do so now, as it is well worth your time. Hayden is back again with Shudder Creek, and if anything he only
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surpasses his previous work. Both of these maps are listed on CliffyB's Ownage, and it's real easy to see why. This is a medium sized bowl with a small frozen river at the base. A graveyard, small Stonehenge-ish rock formations, and some great bridges dot the landscape. The custom brushwork in this map is awesome. The gravestones and wrought iron fences look simple but effective. It's great to see such attention to small details, as it's these small details that really give a map that "finished" look. The bridges, terrain, and walkways give this map great flow, but don't look for much on the y axis. Weapon placement is perfect, being spread out enough that you will have to work to get the good stuff, but not have to fight too long with your Assault Rifle. There are some great overlook points for snipers to go to town, but Flak Monkeys will have no trouble sneaking up on these points to give some hot flak lovin' to any dirty campers. The only place I could find fault, and believe me....I had to look hard, was with the lighting. The whole map has an "American Gothic" feel to it, and the bright spot-lights tend to seem out of place with the surroundings. This map show's that it is truly possible to have both eye-candy and playability in one great package. Hayden has made a map that is a blast to play, and will have you doing multiple fly-by's to look at everything there is to see. I can say without reservation that this is one of the best end-user maps I have seen for UT2K3 as of yet. As authors like Hayden get more and more experienced with UED 3, we all benefit from the great maps sent our way. You should download this one, no question about it. ~rAzOr~ Click to Enlarge [img][/img]

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