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TrueMandolorian Clan Map FFA


My first thought about this map was how funny it was that it was called \"TrueMandalorian\" when Mandalorian was spelled wrong. However that was just the map maker\'s mistake. It seems that
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TrueMandalorian, which is a clan, is actually spelled right by everyone else. The map itself is one of those bright icky maps with bad lighting that\'s great for clan stuff because it has a lot in it. Throne rooms, duel areas, bedrooms, you name it... except a bar, unless I missed it. This is the first map of this type without a bar, that I\'ve seen. Odd, in kind of a refreshing way. What do a bunch of kids need a bar for anyway? ;) As I mentioned previously, the lighting in this map is pretty bad. I didn\'t see a single light entity that had a source, and not even any sources without a light entity. It is apparently magical lighting that lights the TrueMandalorian headquarters. In any case, the map itself also had several errors. Firstly there was a wall that kept disappearing and reappearing, and my map expertise isn\'t great enough that I know what causes that, so I\'m sure some of you do. There was also at least one area where I could see the void, and several examples of z-fighting. There were also several areas where you could see over the walls into the skybox. In fact one room had a glass floor such that you could see the bottoms of some of the other rooms. A bit tacky, if you ask me. A couple other more negligible \"bugs\": no custom music, which is really a bummer for a map like this. In fact there doesn\'t seem to be any music at all. In addition the botroutes, while included, seem to be a little silly, as the bots always spawn in exactly the same place, according to my testing. I watched the bots for about 5-10 minutes, and with three bots they never managed to get outside a 10x10 radius, making for some pretty boring entertainment on my part. However with a map like this, I wouldn\'t even expect it to be used for bot matches. This is really more of a clan get-together map, and for this purpose it should function exceptionally well. Still, some fitting music would definitely be a plus... but then again with all these new-fangled music player tracker thingamabobs, I suppose you don\'t really need map music. I guess I\'m just old fashioned. :p [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri

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