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DoTA Allstars


It seems the boys that do all of the amazing work on the incredibly popular [b]Defence of the Ancients[/b] map never take a rest! They are back, and, like always, have not come empty handed...they
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bring with them the lastest version of their [i]DotA Allstars[/i] masterpiece with some beaucoup changes and fixes! DotA stands for “Defense of the Ancients”, which a free mod for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. The purpose of the game is to defend your Ancient and try to destroy the opponents Ancient. The ancients are located deep in both bases, which are located at the top right and bottom left corners of the map. There are over 70 heroes that differ greatly in play style. Each of these heroes have been carefully designed so they are both balanced and unique. This map is updated frequently, sometimes to add new heroes, fix bugs or to make a balance update. The strategies possible with DotA are pretty much endless, choosing the wrong item and hero combination can mean the difference between a win and a loss for your team. The gameplay in DotA Allstars can be classified as relatively fast because as the game progresses any small mistake you make can be fatal to the overall team. [b]Some of the changes in this version include:[/b] Added two new Scourge heroes Added new functionality to replay files for leagues to more easily calculate and process game data Rewrote a lot of internals coding to allow for cleaner AI version implementation (in near future, the bot capability will be part of the regular map, useable in the every release) Improved AOE on Aftershock by 30 Chaos damage now does 40% damage to fortified (down from 50%) You now have more time to repick (120 from 60) [b]Some of the new features to be enjoyed are:[/b] Added floating text to show you all the gold you get (including bonuses, not just the 100) from hero kills as well as tower kills. Please note that there has been no change to the gold you get, it is just being displayed as an added effect now. Added Lucifer to Aghanim's Scepter Added a new endgame scoreboard to replace the inaccurate one that Warcraft 3 generates Added two new Scourge heroes Refer to the readme for the complete changelog.

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