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Trainerbot 2006


This skin is not really a skin. Well, that\'s what the author wants you to think. He wants everybody to look at it as an NPC first, and a skin second. Personally, to me, it\'s still just a skin with
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an overpowered NPC component. It is meant to help you train. Now I\'ve never tried training with an NPC, but as far as AI goes, even the best AI can never fully prepare you for a sparring match with a human being. Why? Humans are unpredictible. Eventually, any AI bot or NPC in a game is going to become easy to beat, simply because you\'ll be able to anticipate their actions. So my advice would be if you really want to learn to play well... go play! Find a flesh-and-blood person to learn from. An NPC or bot can\'t really teach you anything beyond \"dodge here to avoid being sabered in the head\". The skin itself is very typical. It seems to be a shadowtrooper, recolored to be a medium shade of blue, with some strange green trim, as if the author simply took an image, pasted it over, and then deleted the portions that were supposed to be blue. The design doesn\'t actually follow the orientation of the skinmap. It\'s really not too bad on the eyes, though I would not have used a red visor, as it clashes badly with the rest of the skin. The only other bug is the bot support, which has been made incorrectly and will likely cause conflicts with any other bots you may have. Keep that in mind if you\'re a heavy bot user. The sounds seem to be custom made, probably by the author. It seems, however, that the author was in a playful mood and felt the need to heavily edit each sound, giving the death sounds strange pitch effects, and giving the normal speaking sounds the distict sense that a younger boy recorded them and lowered the pitch, rather than giving the sense that an adult spoke the lines. Perhaps if the pitch had not been lowered quite so far they would sound a bit more realistic. Often the difference between just enough and far too much is no more than a hair\'s breadth wide. [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: No

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