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Age of Empires III

Dogleg Islands QV Quick Download


This is nearly the same as the other Dogleg Islands QV but is a much much smaller download and easier to install. You won't get the sounds and the AI of the other but you can see if you are
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interested in the full version. Just put the 2 files in either the RM and/or RM2 folders like all the others. Yes, it works for either TWC or the original AOE3. his map is very complex and will need some effort to load correctly. Especially if you have only downloaded simple .xs and .xml files. The map will load and run if you just use dogleg islands qv.xs and dogleg islands qv.xml like the other maps. This way you can see if you like it and finish the load if you do. This version wil run for either TWC or the orginial AOE3; which mostly just adds to the confusion. This version mostly adds quests which don't have to be completed but help the player, especially if completed early. There are 2 players on each dogleg shaped island on this water map; 1 at each end. So a 2 player game would have 1 island, a 4 player game would have 2 islands, etc. See the included readme for details on positioning the players. Makes a good FFA game. Each island has a trade route and a native village. Works with any number of players, but an odd player(like player 5 in a 5 player game) gets their own smaller island, with no trade route. With the proper AI, you have to balance: building you colony, being rushed by your island mate, being assualted by an enemy landing party, sending aid to protect allies and completing quests. A 7 player game with an extra enemy is a real rush. See the readme for details on getting the AI to fish and make a navy. Options include: don't worry about it, modify the AI, use another AI or use my included AI. The Nomad start has been modified so that human players get a small landing party and computer players only get a covered wagon(no explorer), since the AI can't handle landing parties. The human player has to collect enough wood from trees and treasures for the explorer to build a town center. This works against the computer but I don't do multiplayer so I'm not sure about that. I tried to make the script so it would work with any combination of computer and human players; comments would be appreciated on this.

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