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The Fall of Nargathrond


I proud of this map. Most of the time was spent working on textures. This map is based of the city of Nargathrond as detailed in the Silmarillion. It was an underground city built by the
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elves with help from the dwarves. I tried to incorporate both elvish elements and dwarvish elements into the design. The only access to the city was by a bridge that the man Turin convinced the king of the City to built. This eventually caused the fall of the city when the dragon Glaurung marched across the bridge. Before that the only access to the city had been to come from the North. -- Now on to what you actually care about, the map. It's a two on one map. The two on the right need to be on the same team and the three on the right need to be on the same team. The Lower left is in the fortress. There is one high window in the fortress, giving them some defense. However it CANNOT be abused very easily like the in-game fortress maps. There are two entrances to the fortress. One is a postern gate to the North that is indestructable. The Main Gate is only way to assault this city. It's gate is really tough, however it cannot be rebeuilt when destroyed. It can be done I promise!!! The player to the North is an outpost of the city. They have considerably less defense, however there are trees and towers and such so a clever playing as the elves could set some nasty surprises... This player will need the most skill probably. Note that this team CANNOT build seige equipment... Both of these players have less land to use so they both get both a pop-cap and resource bonus. Now on to the bad guys. They have lots of land of roughly equal size. The base areas are large enough for the AI to build. They do not get any popcap or recource bonus as they have enough land. This team CANNOT build walls (this is due to 1.05 changes in seige and walls...) I hope this map is fun. The AI can attack but not defend. Try it online with friends! Email me at to let me know what you think. I mean that. I want to know if you like it or find a bug/glitch/ugly/stupid/ or even if you think something is cool.

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