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Bonus GC Scenarios


***BONUS GALACTIC CONQUEST SCENARIOS FOR FORCES OF CORRUPTION BY COMMANDER LOONY aka GRENADEMAN*** Having only 6 scenarios was kind of dull, as you can agree, so I decided that I would
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\'unlock\' the original EAW scenarios and make them available for play in Forces of Corruption. They are not the same as the originals however. I\'ll explain soon. INSTALLATION: Copy the TEXT folder and place it into your FOC/DATA folder. Copy the GC MAPS folder and place it into your FOC/DATA/XML folder. I strongly suggest that you backup any files that need to be replaced - just in case. (if you havent got an XML folder, then just make one! ;)) I don\'t know if this works with other mods, so use caution. INFO: - This bonus pack adds all 8, thats right, 8, EAW GC scenarios for FOC. All of them now accomadate the Zann Consortium as well as the new planets and units. But because of the changed locations of the old planets in FOC, I had to add in a number of planets to create the hyperspace paths between planets. So in a way, these are sort of new maps. - In addition to the 8 EAW maps, I have also added my very own hand-made GC maps that took me many hours to put together. There was much bloodshed and despair, but I finally pulled through with these two maps: \"Galactic Civil War\" This is a map that only has the EMPIRE and the REBELS. NO Consortium. (And no more damn sabotages...) The Rebels and the Empire start off on opposite sides of the galaxy with only four planets under each team\'s control. The rest of the planets are mostly under the control of pirates or Hutts. Some are nuetral and are up for grabs. I made this map to bring back the good ol days of EAW where it was just the Imps and the Rebs. And because its FOC, both sides can use the new units! And yes, the AI builds the new stuff too. They came at me with B-WINGS! \"Consortium War\" All three factions start off in opposite corners of the galaxy, each with only three planets under their control. The rest of teh galaxy is a hive of pirates and Hutts. This should give players some time to build up before they actually encounter one of the other factions. - Maps have been tested TO AN EXTENT (I have a life you know ;)) and I am convinced taht they work fine. - The AI work normally on all maps. The \"Galactic Civil War\" map seems to have better AI, which is strange but awesome. - Special objectives for EAW scenarios have been removed for obvious reasons. - Bonadan has been removed from ALL EAW scenarios because of some really, really wierd connection problems that I could not solve. Alas... - Most planets are now neutral or under pirate control. Planets that are hostile have different varying forces both in orbit and on the ground.

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