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Nepharian, Project Grievous 2


Here we have version 3.1 of the Nepharian skin, and there have been a few changes, such fixing some skinning errors, and adding a four hand saber mod. Since this is essentially the same, you get the
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previous two reviews, as well as some comments by me. [quote] Since this is version three of the Nepharian Grevious, and only a few things have been changed, I\'ll just post Elegos\'s review. [quote] ________________________________________ Well, here we have a very cool skin. It\'s not often we see a grevious reskin (well i\'ve not seen many). What the author has done is change grevious to have black and red colours, which look very good. It has bright red markings all over the body that don\'t seem to be randomly placed at all. The author obviously put some time into this skin. I personally think it looks better like this in comparison to the original, but then I don\'t like grevious. Fantastic job here! Team skins, however, are a little disappointing as the red skin just makes the robe brown and the blue skin changes nothing, but at least you can use it in Team games I guess. Unfortunately if you don\'t have the grevious model installed you\'ll hear kyle\'s taunts. As the author included the grevious taunt folders but didn\'t put the taunts in it! Next version put the taunts in there and that\'ll make everyone happy.[/quote] ________________________________________ All that has been changed in this version is that there now are different team skins, and the Grievous sounds folder has been included for those who don\'t have the Grievous model. Looks pretty cool.[/quote] Now for my comments….muahah. I was just looking at this skin…and I wondered why only part of it was recolored to be red and black? Is Nepharian lazy? Did he run out of paint? I just think that it’d be so much cooler if the entire skin was red and black. But that’s me. The author can do whatever he wants….just as long as he stays away from murlocs. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes Npc Support: No New Sounds: No (Just Grievous sounds) ~Zach

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