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New Multi-Player Maps for stock 1.1


This file will detect where Bridge Commander is on your hard drive and will install all files to the correct folders. The systems included here were adapted from the Single Player Map versions of the
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maps. The original Multi-Player maps that came with the game are still available. The file is 13 Meg as I have included some BanzaiZap files with this. A very special thanks to Jeff Watts, Jr for some great AI work that is the backbone of this mod, and a special thanks to Banzai Zap for his tireless efforts with system making. Without them this mod would not be possible. The only requirement for this mod to work is a clean install of Bridge Commander, patched to 1.1. There are no new ships or adjustments to current ships in this download. I would reccomend Dark Gunman's Improvement pack at for better visual effects in the systems, but it is not a requirement. In the Multiplayer menu you will see the following systems, complete with descriptions.... Earth The Planet Earth, and the Moon, and the Sun. There several Federation ships on patrol defending the transports - and a Starbase. Wrath shall come upon you if you attack the base. Background activity includes the transports going to the Moon. This system based on the original Sol3 by Dasher 42. Vulcan The planet Vulcan, with some peaceful background ship acvtivty, and points of interest, targetable, around the planet. A peaceful system. Q'onos The Klingon homeworld, with one moon and what is left of Praxis. There is some background Klingon ship activity here. The ships will fire back if attacked. Romulus Romulus and Remus, complete with the rift made famous by Star Trek: Nemesis. There is some background Romulan ship activity. The ships will fire back if attacked. Calufrax 3 Stars and 5 Planets, set up 3 different ways. 3 systems rolled into one - warp between them. One star is taking stellar matter from another star. There are some surprises here, namely the 'Unknown Race" that comes warping in to find you. Perhaps you and your 'Enemy' can destroy him first then go after each other. You'll start out in Calufrax 3. Deadly Nebula There are two ships, Federation, who are not responding to hails and are headed straight for a gaseous nebula that will eradicate their shields and destroy the ships. It is feared that the crews of both ships are gone or disabled. If you have time, use your tractor beam to pull both ships away from the nebula. The ships will defend themselves if attacked, but cannot move very fast. There is a planet inside the nebula. CJones Warp between 9 totally different systems. Lots of places to explore. There are ships in some systems as background activity to the combat situation. Some of the nine systems have been adapted from other CJones and Banzai Zap System Maps. Easy to evade your enemy. Upon arrival, you are thrust into a battle with Romulans in a Multi-Sun system in CJones9. Two Akiras are assisting in defense against the Romulans. There is an innocent unarmed frieghter that gets attacked - save him if you can. If you leave the system, one Romulan will follow you anywere you go. CJones8 is the VGer system that Banzai Zap setup - It has two damaged Klingons. CJones7 is a real system in Space, Proxima Centauri. CJones6 is Fluidic Space - the system by Banzai Zap out of Voyager. CJones5 is a ficticious 5 planet 2 sun system with two ships on patrol and an asteroid field. CJones4 and CJones3 are both real systems in space with ships gathering sensor data. CJones2 is another 5 planet 2 sun system, ficticious, with 2 Ferengi moving through the system (they will fire back if attacked), Nanobyte in a shuttle, and a damaged shuttle floating in an asteroid field. CJones 1 is a very bright system with 5 planets and various background ship activity. Some ships will fire back if attacked. Borealis Quite a colorful system with 9 Stars, 4 planets, and several Nebula. There's also 2 Outposts that are not very friendly if you get too close to them. Ross 128 This is a real star system in space, adjacent to the Wolf 359 system. It looks like a battle took place here recently as there is a disabled Galaxy Class Starship here. Briar Patch A ringed planet within a nebula, as seen in Star Trek: Insurrection. InterGalactic This is what it might look like between Galaxies. There are 2 Cardassians and 1 Federation ship, all damaged, spinning wildly. If you fire on them they will fire back, but only with torpedoes, no phasers. Original system by Banzai Zap. Smoke Ring There is a tight gas torus, or ring of atmosphere around a small neutron star. There is evidence here of a recent battle between the Cardassians and a Galaxy Class Starship. Notice what happens if you fire on either on the two damaged ships here. Banzai There is a binary star system with three planets. The Cardassians are set on destroying a neutral outpost above one of the planets, and all shipping within the system as well. Two Federation ships race in to defend the already damaged outpost. Meanwhile a Klingon BOP is after the Cardassians. The way the AIs are set up shows us the BOP chasing Cardassians who are in turn chasing a transport. The Transport is warping between the Outpost and a nearby planet. If you sat there and just watched everything it would prove quite interesting. Your role as a player can be whatever you like. ArenaA A battle arena made of a condensed solar system. There are two Starbases here, one is Federation, one is Cardassian, and both will attack any player who gets near them. Both bases have ships to help defend them. There's also an unknown alien lurking about. He won't bother you unless you provoke him. (or maybe it is a her?) Wrath of Khan This is the star system with the Regula Station, and the Motara Nebula, as seen in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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