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Dark Force Mod


It\'s time for another version of this mod! Yes, even though it was previously said there would be no more releases of this mod, here it is, yet again. I\'m not complaining though. It gets better and
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better as it goes along. This one, as with the previous version, is lacking a strange and unique title. Not important, but just something I thought I would mention. :p Anyway, since there were not a lot of changes from the previous version, I\'ll just give you the review to [url=;65839]the Glory of the Sith (v1.6)[/url] review, and list the changes from the previous version to this version, quoted from the readme: [quote] 1. Bot special attack Previously all bot can do saber kata attack, but realize it just wasting bot think-time used for it. So i decided from now on, only 3 special bot can do kata : Kate_Walker, Jaden_Korr, and Jane_Swarbreck. Others bot are no longer allowed to do this special attack. However i\'m still allowed the kick attack. 2. Noghri Stick The previous arc used for noghri alt-fire are to wide (about 50 degree). This is causing the missile spread too far from the target. So i decide to reduce it at 30 degree in cost of the missile now can only charged up to 3 smoke missile. Don\'t worry this is more efficient way and make this weapon shot more accurate. 3. New npc : stboss A stomtrooper commander that use concussion rifle and have 1000 health. They are fun used for bot killer. I always play with them, spawning as much i like at some spot, this npc will waiting bot to respawn near of them and then shot them out! Type \"npc spawn stboss\" to spawn it. Use notarget cheat if you dont want to deal with them. 4. Extra bonus singleplayer Because this mod shared game source with singleplayer, there is some bonus you get : 4.a. Extra Sword & Saber hilt are available. Start a new singleplayer game, when you comes to saber hilt selection menu, scroll down to the end, you will find new hilt are available for you. They are sword and saber that is used in multiplayer part of dark force mod, such as \"Sword of Earth\", \"Mightiness Scepter\", \"Saber of Ice\", \"Saber of Wind\", and etc. 4.b. Full saber dismemberment. Cutting off head, waist, arm, and legs are always happen. You even see the special \"Right hand chopped off\" animation when your saber accurately cut off enemies right arms. 4.c. Unlimited force power (cheat) Type \"playermodel nico_collard\" then you will changed into dark force mod strongest npc multiplayer. You get 999 force power, auto defend from force grip attack, can control enemy body using force telepathy, and bigger playermodel. However, because she is set as \"killer npc\" or dark jedi, you must type in cheat: \"playerteam player\" to make you in light side, otherwise your ally (jedi, kyle etc.) will trying to murder you.[/quote] If you enjoyed previous versions of this mod, go ahead and give this version a try. If you did not like previous versions, I\'d suggest giving this version a try anyway, since a lot has changed. I personally have enjoyed this series of mods.

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