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The Five Hills of Rohan


This is my first map so sont be hard on he desing. this map places in the time at the beginning of war of the ring. the forts on the map have been made before saruman betrayed rohan so evil fort uses
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helms deep gate. (and i couldnt get anyother gate to work i need help in that.)so saruman attacks the good fort that protects the pass to edoras. as the evil fort did before sarumans betrayal. saruman knows that if he doesnt win in this pass his war on rohan will be finished. so he has summoned as many allies as he could. mordor has come with some orcs 6 nazguls mouth of sauron and grond. goblins come with some goblins and two cave trolls and one goblin commander.this map has many commanders many times they are only one troop like a berserker with 5000 hp. and evilmen has come with a army of men and two mumaks. on the evil side there is a tavern. good guys have summoned help too so they get the help of ents mirkwoods arhcers two batallions. (good guy gets on the middle hill the choke point gets elven troops and two elven commanders. the rohan elves with 5000hp) they get a army of men that are defending the fort in front of the gate. and good guy gets help of dwarfs and hobbits too. this map is a choke map. there are 5 hills one in every corner and one in middle and the map is divided with a olmost dryed up river. i dont no how to make reinforcment counts so you get the help in the start. the middle hill is commanded by good guy or left position. and right position will try to take the hill. and then move to the fort. as the forts are very strong walls have 100000 hp and gates 50000 hp and each gatehouse has 2 gates. it will be a great siege isengard starts 3 ballistas.i am not sure how balanced this is as i only tested this in singleplayer.i dont now how to make a installer plz help me in that someone get me a you will have to install this manually.i dont now how to do that so you will have to find it out yourself.that should be all.oh one more thing left player gets a elven scout on top of all that should be all i love siege so i will be making more of them when i get the hang of this.

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