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z3r0x's FoC Addon


Developed from a Number of Sources and Teams this mod brings together into a single Mod many new units, planets and Heros to the Forces of Corruption Game. It also does a number of balance and
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Scale fixes. New units: Underworld: Recusant Frigate* (Muunilinst Only) Munificent Frigate* (Muunilinst Only) Corellian Battlecruiser* (Corellia Only) Corellian Destroyer* (Corellia Only) Cloakshape Fighter* Howl Runner Fighter* Super BattleDroids* Mandalorian Shock Troopers* (Mandalore Only) Snail Tank* (Muunilinst Only) B1 BattleDroids (Geonosis Only) Empire: Bayonet Cruiser* Escort Carrier* Lancer Frigate* Dominator Cruiser* (Kuat Only) Eclipse Super Star Destroyer* (Byss Only) Assault Gunboat* TIE Avenger* Carrack Cruiser* Strike Cruiser* LAAT/i* E-Web Troopers* AT-RT* Darkside Adepts* (Korriban Only) Hero: Baron Soontir Fel w/181st Squadron* Hero: Admiral Ozzel w/Nemesis Star Destroyer* Rebels: Dauntless* MC-40* (Mon Calimari Only) MC-80a*(Mon Calimari Only) MC-90* (Mon Calimari Only) Nebulon B2* Assault Frigate MK1* Quasar Fire Carrier* Dreadnaught* T-Wing* AAC Hovertank* V-Wing Speeder* Hero: General Jan Dodonna* Misc Factions: R-41 StarChaser* N1 Fighter* Preybird* Golan 3* B1 BattleDroids* Modifications: 3 New Planets added Rattatak, Polis Massa, and Zhar 4 new maps added. New Factions Added Hutts,Mandalorians,Naboo,Corellians,Corporate Sector. Planetary Defense Fleets Added for Hutts,Mandalorians,Naboo,Corellians,Corporate Sector Planet Values increased. Planet Population Values Increased Reinforcements Increased for Space Stations. Faction Colors Changed to Purple for Underworld, Green for the Empire, and Crimson for the Rebels LAAT/i: Transport Capability Added, Color Changed. Juggernaught: Speed Increased, Rocket Attack added, Health Added, Size Scaled Up. B-Wing: Health Increased, Shields Increased, Size Scaled Down X-Wing: Size Scaled Down, Squadron increased to 12 A-Wing: Size Scaled Down, Squadron increased to 12 Y-Wing: Size Scaled Down NebulonB: Size Scaled down Corellian Corvette: Size Scaled Down Corellian Gunboat: Size Scaled Down Broadside Cruiser: Size Scaled Up ISD: Size Scaled Up. VSD: Size Scaled UP Interdictor: Size Scaled up TIE Fighter: Size Scaled Down TIE Defender: Size Scaled Down, Squadron Increased to 12 TIE BOmber: Size Scaled Down TIE Phantom: Size Scaled Down, Squadron Increased to 12 TIE Interceptor: Size Scaled Down, Squadron Increased to 12 Acclamator: Size Scaled Up Marauder Cruiser: Size Scaled Up Space Station Build Times are Decreased ALL Fighter Build Times Decreased Space Station Reinforcements Increased Greatly Campaign "Equal Footing" starts with more credits for all sides. Space Battle Pop Cap Increased for all sides. Vengence Frigate: Shields Added Opening Movie Music changed, ROTS music added to Galactic map

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