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MidEast Crisis


MidEast Crisis is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer General: Zero Hour that adds a whole new concept of game play. MidEast Crisis adds two new sides, Israel and Syria. Don\'t be
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disappointed though, because each side has so many different units and unique styles of game play you won\'t be left regretting downloading the mod. The new types of game play that MidEast Crisis shows are \"Oil Refinery\" \"Superweapon\" and \"Special Army Technology\". Oil refineries are now placed throughout maps in key positions. Oil refineries are indestructible and gives the player a constant flow of $1000 into the player\'s funds; this is done to encourage players to be more open in the first few minutes of game play. In Zero Hour, there\'s superweapons as buildings, in MidEast Crisis, the superweapons are now vehicles. The superweapon missiles fly low so enemies can blow it out of the sky if the vehicle is not placed at a strategic location. Special Army Technology is like choosing what general you would like to be, but the player put have 3 stars in general abilities. If the player has this, they can choose between 3 different generals like air force or tank. If this is done, then the units that the player once was able to build get switched; for example, if the player picks the air force general then he gets better planes and helicopters, but his tanks are not very good. [b][u]Review:[/b][/u] [list][*][b]Fun Factor-[/b] The mod is great fun. The units in the mod flow nicely, and the Special Army Technologies keep me coming back to try to find all the different units one general gets. The particles are fantastic as well, and the AI is beefed up to extremes; but this my be bad for some players because the mod has somewhat of a learning curve. [*][b]Balance-[/b] The balance is done very well in MidEast Crisis. The team did make it realistic to a point, but RPG troopers are still weak against troops unless they have a special RPG that is good against troops equipped; which helps the mod a lot in balance. Tanks also don\'t do very much damage to infantry, and airplanes are relatively easy to shoot down. [*][b]Creativity-[/b] The creativity is great! The new styles of game play and the whole idea of the oil refineries is a great concept. The general\'s powers are also creative, as one power is a modified SR-71 that bombs an area.

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