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Capital Strike


If you recall Capital Strike, you remember how awesome it was. Now, DarthDaddy has updated it and made it better than ever! STARWARS BATTLEFRONT II Map Capital Strike (Version 2.0) Made by
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Jonathan Witt (a.k.a. \"DarthDaddy\") ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes, Updates, & Bugs: I fixed the biggest complaint about the map, which was that there were not enough units. Now each side has 150 units on the field at once! I added three more ground CP\'s, to extend the battle all around the core. I also changed the terrain beyond the coreship crater, making it more rounded and with more realistic borders. I made changes to the textures of the Coreship to make it look more battle-scarred. I also added a couple of auto-turrets on the Coreship to add realism and give the defenders a little more teeth. In GCW mode, the Imperial hangar is working much better now, with more fighters being launched. I also repositioned the Mon Calamari cruiser, placing it higher above the ground and with the hangar closer to the action. The sound is much improved. All the infantry units now having their sounds, although a few of the weapon sounds on vehicles still do not work. I included an in-game map, but it does not match as well with the Galactic Civil War mode as it does the Clone Wars mode. Overall, the map has been updated and I think improved. I hope you all agree! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Story: Clone Wars – A Trade Federation coreship was intercepted by Republic forces as it entered the orbit of an Outer Rim world. The coreship has crash-landed on the planet\'s 2nd moon, but is not entirely destroyed. Despite the fact that a Republic Assaultship is holding position over the crash site, a CIS capital ship has moved into the area and is attempting a recovery mission. CIS troops are already landing at the site and preparing a ground defense. It promises to be an intense fight in the thin atmosphere and on the ground! Galactic Civil War – The Alliance has discovered an old weapons cache onboard a long-abandoned, Clone Wars era coreship on the 2nd moon of a remote, Outer Rim world. An Imperial Star Destroyer has been dispatched to prevent the Alliance from gaining any more weaponry, but a Mon Calamari cruiser is involved in the operation, receiving cargo and guarding the site. Rebel troops are already landing at the site and preparing a ground defense with the antique weapons they have discovered. It promises to be an intense fight in the thin atmosphere and on the ground! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: First, create a new folder called \"addon\" in your \"Star Wars Battlefront II\\GameData\" folder (unless you have already done so). Second, extract the \"CS1\" folder from the zip into your \"Star Wars Battlefront II\\GameData\\AddOn\" folder. You should be good to go! Gameplay: Though the unit count is already large, I highly recommend turning up the AI controlled opponents to 32, in order to produce the kind of fight these maps were designed for. Acknowledgments: I would like to thank everyone for the interest in my maps, as well as the feedback and suggestions. Thanks to for all the help and for posting the files. Thanks also goes to Lucasarts for the materials and to George Lucas for that \"galaxy far, far away!\" Legal Matters: These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or \"plugged\" into a mod without permission from me. Contact Info: For comments or questions, email May the force be with you in the game and may God be with you in real life! Download now, because you\'ll kick yourself if you don\'t.-Valiantofficer Screenies will be up tommorow.

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