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Aliens vs Predator 2

Station 3


Description: \"Station 3\" is an adaptation of the \"Hell\'s Gate\" (q3tourney3) map from Quake 3 to AvP2. The map is intended for one-on-one deathmatches for human opponents. Other species
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can join, but the Predators will have the disadvantage of having no pickups. The story: -------------------------------------------- Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, Station 3 Events. Appendix B - Internal Report No 23606. -------------------------------------------- This document is classified as secret. All copies have to be registered. Copy #003 On June 31, 2231, one of UCM Nevada\'s probes put in orbit around LV 734 spotted the surface structure we call now \'Station 3\'. Initial reports showed up Station 3 as a Weyland-Yutani build installation. A squad of marines was left to garrison the facility, as ordered by WY board. When their replacements arrived 21 days later, they have found only one survivor (HA). The mental condition of HA was that bad, he actually opened fire, in an attempt to kill the replacements. At this point, HA is in medical care. An investigation was launched, to find what happened to the rest of the squad. As all Weyland-Yutani records show (including the records of the Weapons Division), no facility was ever build on LV 734. Some details regarding Station 3 (please bare in mind that the name was given after an inscription found on one of it\'s inner walls) are striking: - the facility seems to be in full operation. However, we couldn\'t find, so far, the purpose of the installation. - the facility has no means of access. No doors, no gates, no landing pad. The squad of marines was inserted while the dropship was hovering the facility. - the red fog found on site is highly caustic and faintly radioactive. It dissolves flesh and will quickly kill any living creature, regardless of armor or other protection. The interviews conducted with HA didn\'t reveal much. The subject constantly mentioned that \"the devil is down there\" and that the entire facility is just \"one of the battlefields of Arena Eternal\". When asked about the fate of the squad, HA\'s response was: \"They are still there. They are still fighting each other.\". He mentioned that immediately after one of them was killed, it was \"restored to life and immediately thrust back into the battle\". At this point, investigators\' opinion is centered on the scenario in which HA managed to kill all his squad mates and dispose of the bodies in the fog found in the central pit of the installation. Taking into account on one hand that the facility seems autonomous and to avoid further losses on the other hand, I recommend further on-site investigation and sample gathering to be carried out by synthetics.

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