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Christmas disruption, team ffa and af_elodn


This map pack contains three supposed Christmas themed maps. In reality, only one of them seems to be Christmas themed. One of the others is simply snowy with Christmas music, and the third is not
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Christmassy in any way I can fathom. I'll go through them individually. [b]AF_ELODN[/b] This map seems to be a giant maze. Personally I liked the maze in Harry Potter better than this one... but there's really nothing cooler than the maze actually trying to kill you. Then again, Harry Potter wasn't planning on having a lightsaber duel or shooting anyone while he was in the maze. As a FFA map this seems like a pretty poor idea. There's really no place decent to duel, and with no gun pickups that I could find a risky gun battle is out of the question, unless you're a blaster pistol fan. Also the lighting seems quite poor, as it is plainly obvious that there are lights scattered throughout the map, but no sources to be seen. At that point, a brighter global light would have been more appropriate. It [i]is[/i] outside, after all. [b]Christmas Disruption[/b] This would be the Christmas map. It seems to be a small town, with two or three buildings you can actually enter. The texturing is quite repetative, and the architecture itself is very blocky. One of the buildings contains a swoop spawn, although where the author planned you to go on the swoop is up for speculation. There is also the matter of the music... By the time I was done testing the map I wanted to jab a pencil into my ear. If you don't like Winnie the Pooh, definitely turn the music off... [b]Christmas TFFA[/b] Not much to say here that hasn't been covered already. It's simply, small, and lacking in appropriate lighting and texturing. This really doesn't seem to have a lot of gameplay value either, as it's basically just a big open area with a couple of "bases" on either side. Perhaps it's meant to be like those big battles they used to have in Europe in the dark ages - just run up to the other team and hope you don't get impaled! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri

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