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Yavin 4: Temple Complex


Yavin 4: Temple Complex 3.0 is an update from Jonathan Witt (a.k.a. \"DarthDaddy\"). For those who don\'t know what the general layout of the old map was like, there\'s a large temple/courtyard
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area ringed with cps which the attackers spawn at. Inside the rather large courtyard are smaller temple/ruins. For those who [i]have[/i] played the earlier versions of this map, a fair amount has changed. The area surrounding the central temple is not nearly as empty as it used to be; DarthDaddy has added small mazes of ruins in places, and other things making it seem less barren. Most every land vehicle in the game makes an appearence, along with ariel troop transports for the CIS/Rebels. The vehicle that spawns is dependent on who controls their cp, so a certain one might not make an appearence until late in the game, after the cps have been switched up a bit. DarthDaddy has done a good job making the sides seem unique without actually including custom sides. They haven\'t really changed from the other versions; Marines are still the basic unit, and each side (minus the CIS) has two playable heros from the get-go, plus the regular unlockable one. That makes for a total three heros a side, bound to make this map a popular multiplayer choice. There are a about a jillion units on this map (if you turn up the count even more like the readme says), and most of them could use some better AI. Somtimes about eighty units will just clump up in one spot while the rest run around on the other side of the map. You hardly notice , though (until the end when you have to confront the clump by yourself; actually pretty fun, in it\'s own way), since there\'s enough other units to put up a fight. As a whole, the map seems to be just a big, explosive, pseudo-sandbox-like battle. If you like sniping, there will be no end to targets. If you like vehicular slaughter, everythings great. If you like being a regular unit and walking into a room with about thirty enemies pointing their guns at you, well, you\'ll die, but you can do that too. .Rikino

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