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Rhen Var: Battlefield Beta


Okay, this is my first review, so here goes: Rhen Var: Battlefield is a cool little beta from Karnage. It's on the smallish side, and it has a lot of emphasis on tech; it imports props from the
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original Rhen Vars, and uses assets shipped with the game very creatively. The fortress (which the battle takes place outside of) is custom made- Karnage took bits and pieces from SWBF I Rhen Var and lego'd them together (I saw a bit of discontinuity between them. Did you use the snap to grid option? It's useful for this). The map is rather smallish, and takes place right outside a large fortress, with the CIS/Rebels defending it. Most of the fighting takes place directly outside the fort, in a rubble field. The defenders also control a hanger off to the side, where most of their armor spawns. The unit count is fairly large, but not too big. You'll never be lacking a target, but won't really be overwhelmed. There's default turrets which abound throughout the battle. They're placed behind rubble, on walls in the fort, and on the sides of the gate (horizontally, of course). While CW is lacking in vehicles (it seems like a placeholder, not much work has been done on it), GCW includes AT-STs, rebel missiletanks, an AT-AT, and snowspeeders. Yes, that's right. Snowspeeders are back. I haven't seen them in any other maps (including the shipped Hoth), so it's about time. They work here, too, despite the small playing field. Rocketeers on the ground try to aggressively shoot you down, and a single missile takes you down. The props are nearly all from either SWBF I Rhen Var map, with the exception of a few (like the hanger). There's no new sides (which keeps down the file size by a bunch), but it uses snow troopers, so it's all good. My complaints are typical of a beta: the AI needs work and the rubble field, where most of the infantry action is, seems kinda empty and flat. Roughening up the terrain a bit would do it some good, and I liked what few pieces of cover I saw in it. The rubble seemed natural, and I would suggest to add more, more, more. Make it so you can dive for cover anywhere. The AI seems to be in serious need of barriers (and somemore hubs/planning), as they clumps up against the the wall trying to walk through it, or jumping off the top of the fortress. That's understandable, though, as he'd have to redo them as he adds/moves objects around. Also, CTF hasn't had anything done on it, don't try to play it. It's there for later. Overall, it's got some really nice stuff in it, but the map itself needs some more work. ~Rikino

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