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Iron Man


I AM IRONMAN =_O! Putting aside that pathetic attempt to allude to a burnt out singer whom I hardly admire, I shall say to you that this is one of the few attempts of Ironman that I\'ve seen. I
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can simply summarize my thoughts on the skin in two words strung togther into a formal title: Tiki Man Before explaining that, allow me to say that this was a rather good effort on the author\'s part to attempt to reskin the human merc. In terms of the body, it looks quite alright. The face is probably the killer for me. Instead of reminding me of Iron Man, it honestly reminds me that of a tiki mask o_O Just like the kind I used back when I was out in the Jungles of New Guinea showing the natives how it\'s done. However, it\'s but a skin, and I will not condemn him for this efforts. If you were to ask me, I think he made a rather valiant effort on these skins. There are team skins, although one is the same as default. Before I close off, I do have one thing for the author to look at:;43097 This isn\'t intended to belittle his skin whatsoever.(Far from it, as I admire this effort quite highly as it comes quite close to accurate.) In fact, I wouldn\'t mind seeing the author perhaps taking this link and using his skills to perhaps make his skin even more impressive and accurate by using this as a base perhaps. This also could be interpreted as a bit of a gift to the masses as well who were looking for something ironmanly. One thing before I dissipate: There is a mod to the jetpack in this which will make it disappear. Personally I would use it but my ultimate dream is to see the Last Hope code combined with JAplus to make superior jetpack functions v_v. That however is irrelevant, and I command you not to read that or I will headbutt you. Yes, I will drop my scythe and simply headbutt you. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH TO IRONMAN, FOR HE IS IRON AND WILL GIVE YOU PRESENTS OF DEATH. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan

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