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Unreal Tournament 2003

CTF-Idol Worship


This huge CTF map joins just a few others that are constructed in an asymmetrical style. Instead of both sides being a mirror image, you have two distinctly different areas of the map. This adds
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quite a bit to game play as you can't get the feel for your opponent's base by running around yours, and it helps add some challenge to a match. This can also hurt a map due to poor balance. For example, one team having an unfair advantage because the base is more secure than the other. Some might find that this is the case with this map, while others may learn to take advantage of what they have to work with. The red base is your standard fair, and very easy to defend. The blue base however, may seem poorly built because the flag is sitting out in a wide-open pavilion. This is far from the case, as I found out. The open area in front of the blue base may seem easy to assault, but all that open space serves as a nasty kill zone. Even if you manage to get to the flag intact, you still have a lot of ground to cover before you're home. I had a slight problem with the weapon layout. The weapons of UT2K3 tend to be close to medium range, and aside from the Shock Rifle and the Sniper Rifle, many weapons suffer in accuracy and effectiveness over very long distances. While the Shock Rifle is here in abundance, the Sniper Rifle is only found in one remote location and without ammo. I also would have liked to have seen the 'deemer and Ion Painter make an appearance. There are some small clipping issues, but nothing that will bother the casual eye, and frame rates were solid for a map this size. There are some mystery jump pads that tend to launch you around the map, but they do more harm than good. I would like to close this review covering what I think is this maps strongest point....the sound. The author made incredible use of ambient sound. Howling wind in the passes, tinkling chimes in the temples; it all adds a new level to this map. If you have even a halfway decent sound card and speakers, you will love this map. I hope more mappers start to make better use of ambient sounds, eye candy is not everything. A solid job, and even more so due to it being the author’s first map, give this one a look. ~rAzOr~ Click here to Enlarge [img][/img]

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